Fake vs. Real Hair Extensions: Which is better?

Now that the world of hair extensions is only expanding with time, so are the varieties of materials being used. After all, the idea of beauty has taken various forms and continues to be a prominent part of everyone’s lives.

Secondly, with new hairstyles emerging in the market every day, it is essential for fashion enthusiasts to keep up with the trend and be on the front row of the bandwagon.

However, since hair loss and thinning have emerged as major issues, the demand for hair extensions is at an all-time high. Even celebrities such as Tiktok stars, influencers, and actors have started putting on extensions to enhance their looks.

Hair Extensions before and after

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair: How Does it Matter?

As far as human hair extensions are concerned, they are prepared from various forms of human hair, beginning from Asian going down to European. However, the quality of the depends on the strands that have been collected. In this blog, we will talk about the difference between the two and also shed light on the better option.

What is Human Hair?

Also described as Remy hair, it is the outermost layer, never stripped and always kept in one direction. The process makes sure that thick hair will remain shiny, smooth, and tangle-free all this while. However, this layer is treated with chemicals to be drenched in a certain shade. However, the integrity of the hair remains the same. This hair type is highly desirable and is made out of the same material as keratin. We recommend you try real clip in hair extensions to see if they work for you or not.

What is Synthetic Hair?

As the name implies, they are prepared from various materials and are free from human hair. This hair can be prepared from nylon, acrylic, and polyesters. Once they are heated, they will be noticed through the microtubes and give the vibe of hair strands. However, since synthetic hair is prepared from different materials, it will never be human hair. So when you wear them on your head, anyone will tell the difference. After all, the unnatural shine can be too hard for anyone to take.


How Long Do Both the Hair Types Last?

For your information, investing too much in synthetic hair won’t be a good idea since it will only last between 1 to 3 months. On the contrary, human hair extensions can last up to a year (depending on how it is cared for and sometimes reapplied), which is impressive enough. However, since hair fashion continues to take different turns as one sifts through Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas, buying both of these types is a good option. The benefit of synthetic hair is, it comes with already curled hair although you can now also get ready curled human hair extensions. As a result, you don’t have to struggle with styling your hair after putting on the extension. But synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled or dyed like human hair can.

Which is Better?

Well, we leave this up to you. Both synthetic and natural hair have a set of pros and cons., so we don’t force you to choose one of them. Depending on your goals, budget, and fashion choices, you can purchase synthetic or natural hair.