Luke 1977: The Rise Of Luke Roper

LUKE 1977 is a British independently owned fashion company started by creative director Luke Roper in 2001 with close pal Simon Poole. This is the background, history and review for the Luke 1977 clothing brand.


Who is Luke Roper?

Luke Roper is a fashion designer from Walsall Wood in the West Midlands, England. He was born in 1977 (which is the inspiration behind the apparel label name) and grew up with a passion for clothing design thanks to his seamstress mother’s job as a wedding dress designer. The youngest of five, he learned a strong work ethic from the off.

After completing his education at the local school and college, he pursued his dream of becoming a fashion designer in London. Roper’s first job in the industry was as a junior designer for River Island. This experience allowed him to gain valuable knowledge about the industry’s business side and helped him develop his own unique style.

His first garment was a t-shirt featuring bold graphics and bright colours. It quickly gained popularity among his friends, which sparked Roper’s interest in creating more stylish and comfortable designs.

Overall, Luke Roper is known for his innovative approach to men’s fashion. His brand, Luke 1977, has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. With over two decades of experience in the industry, there is no doubt that Roper will continue to make waves in the fashion world for years to come.

luke roper
Luke Roper is a huge Aston Villa fan

School And College Days

During his school days, Luke Roper was known for being creative and artistic. He excelled in art classes and often spent his free time designing clothing. His passion for fashion led him to pursue a degree at the prestigious hub of fashion design, Central St. Martins College in London.

While studying at university, Roper gained valuable experience through internships with various fashion companies. He worked as an assistant designer for a menswear label and also had the opportunity to work on designs for London Fashion Week. These experiences helped shape his design skills and gave him insight into the industry.

Roper’s college years were crucial in developing his vision of creating unique clothing combining traditional British style and modern elements. During this time, he began experimenting with fabrics, patterns, and cuts that would eventually become the signature look of his brand, Luke 1977.

First Job 

Luke Roper’s first job was as a sales assistant at a clothing store in his hometown of Walsall. Here, he gained valuable knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, particularly regarding customer service and retail operations. He also learned how to identify popular trends and styles among customers.

During his time as a sales assistant, Luke began experimenting with designing his own garments. He would sketch out ideas during breaks or after work hours, using materials from the store to create prototypes. This allowed him to gain hands-on experience in garment construction and design.

Luke’s passion for fashion continued to grow while working at the clothing store. He realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the industry beyond just being a sales assistant. With this newfound determination, Luke embarked on a journey towards creating his brand – one that would eventually become known as Luke 1977.

luke 1977

First Garment Made

Luke Roper’s passion for fashion started with humble beginnings at a young age. He talented dressmaker mother taught him to be always interested in creating unique and stylish clothing pieces. His first attempt at making a garment at 12 was a shirt, and when he was just 14 years old, he made a pair of jeans. Using his mother’s sewing machine, he created a pair of denim jeans heavily inspired by the punk rock movement.

Even though Luke had no formal training in fashion design, his natural talent shone through in this early creation. The jeans featured hand-stitched patches and safety pins, giving them an edgy vibe that would become synonymous with Luke’s later designs. This first garment also kickstarted Luke’s love for denim as a fabric.

He initially made garments for himself and some of his friends as they could not afford what was available in the shops. This is, in essence, what he is still doing today but on a much larger scale.

This initial success gave Luke the confidence to continue experimenting with different fabrics and styles, cementing his desire to pursue a career in fashion design. It was only a short time before he began working on more complex garments and honing his skills as a designer.

Luke 1977 Beginnings

Luke Roper, the founder of the Luke 1977 clothing range, started his fashion journey in the mid-1990s. As a Central St. Martins College graduate with a degree in Fashion Design and Business Studies, he was interested in creating unique clothes that would stand out from the rest. His first collection was launched in 2001 with lifelong family friend Simon Poole (head of menswear at French Connection at the time), under the name ‘Luke Sport,’ which mainly focused on sportswear.

The brand name relates to the year Luke Roper was born. But considering his business partner Simon was a family friend and they used to holiday together (despite their 13 year age gap) to start their friendship, only a pendant would be bothered by the technicality of the 2001 launch date.

Anyway, after gaining success with his initial collection, Luke decided to expand his leading contemporary menswear brand by introducing casual wear for men. This led to Luke’s 1977 clothing range’s birth, which became popular among young adults for its distinctive designs, cool masculine look and quality fabrics. Luke’s brand draws strong influences in his love for football and reflection in the brand’s logo, which features a similar lion logo to that of his beloved Aston Villa, but is actually inspired by a visit to an Irish pub and the Roper heraldic crest.

The early days were not easy, as Luke faced several challenges while establishing his business. However, he persevered through it all with his wife by his side, and continued to work hard towards achieving success. With time, Luke 1977 gained national and international recognition, becoming one of Britain’s most loved brands today thanks to support from many celebrities including footballers Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright, and Jermain Defoe.

luke roper graphic tees
Luke Roper is known for his colourful graphic tees

Luke 1977 Clothing Range

The Luke 1977 is often described as foundry worker meets fashionista and as a clothing range is known for its unique designs catering to modern man’s fashion. The range includes a variety of clothing items, from t-shirts and polos to jackets and flip flops. Each garment is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring high-quality products.

It’s affordable contemporary menswear for the modern lad and working class hero.

One of the standout features of the Luke 1977 clothing range is its use of bold colours and prints. From vibrant stripes to eye-catching graphics, each piece makes a statement. The brand also incorporates different textures into its designs, adding depth and interest to its garments.

Luke Roper’s style of working class hero for fashion shines through in every piece within the Luke 1977 clothing range. His commitment to creating stylish yet functional pieces has made his brand a favourite among fashion-forward men worldwide. With new collections released regularly, this innovative designer always offers something fresh and exciting.

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Is Luke 1977 a good brand?

Yes, reviews praise the quality of the clothes and the last ability. As always, ignore comments on delivery which is outside of their control, but with returns not free, check out the size guide to limit the need but it’s pretty standard.

The garments we bought were great quality and the fit was true to size, with the Williams polo in particular standing out.

Where to buy Luke 1977

The brand has 12 UK stores, details of which can be found on the online website. These include 3 in Birmingham, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Cheshire Oaks, Derby, Livingston, London, York and two in Manchester (Arndale and Trafford Centre).


Future For Luke Roper and his labels

The future looks bright for Luke 1977 as they continue to expand their clothing range and reach new customers. With a strong focus on quality and style, the brand is poised to become a go-to choice for fashion-conscious individuals.

One area of growth for Luke 1977 is its online presence. The company has made significant investments in e-commerce, creating a user-friendly website that showcases its latest collections and offers easy ordering options. This has helped them attract customers worldwide, including those who may not have had access to their clothing before.

Another critical strategy for Luke 1977 is to continue collaborating with other brands and designers. By partnering with like-minded companies, they can tap into new markets and create unique products that appeal to a broader audience. This approach has already proven successful with collaborations such as the one with footballer Peter Crouch’s label Pyjama Drama, resulting in an exclusive loungewear collection.

As for Luke himself his future is going to be to continue to expand his leading contemporary menswear brand from his early days using borrowed sewing machines to his exclusive deals with key independent menswear boutiques, and obviously to support his boyhood football team, Aston Villa.