Types of shoes every woman needs in her wardrobe 

Whether you’re a shoe-loving shopaholic or you prefer to splash your cash on makeup and accessories, there are a few types of shoes no woman should have to do without. A good pair of shoes will take you wherever you need to go in life and won’t pinch or rub your toes, so spending a bit of time trying on new styles is always worth it in the long run. If your wardrobe has been lacking in stylish footwear, then this blog should give you the inspiration you need to get out there and treat yourself.

Chunky boots

You can’t go wrong with a pair of women’s chunky boots to see you through the colder seasons. It doesn’t matter if you prefer ankle or knee-length styles in black or tan leather, chunky boots can effortlessly be paired with skirts and tights or even skinny jeans. For a dressier look, opt for a higher heel and a smooth, shiny finish, or choose flatter platform soles and suede textures for daytime adventures.

a woman in summer dress and Block-heeled sandal shoes
Block-heeled sandals are a summer essential

Block-heeled sandals

While boots are a staple of the autumn and winter months, sandals are undoubtedly a must-have for exotic destinations and sunny stretches during July. For lounging around on the beach, you’re best off with a pair of trusty flip flops, but some block-heeled sandals or espadrilles are ideal for grabbing drinks with the girls. Wear them with a sundress or jumpsuit and go for lighter colours like white or baby pink to really get into the summer spirit.

Performance trainers

Trainers might not be your first choice if you’re headed off to brunch, but they’re essential for hitting the gym or going out for a morning run. We all struggle to motivate ourselves to work out at times, so why not make things easier by investing in some quality footwear? Unlike ten years ago, even high-performance trainers come in all kinds of stylish designs, so you won’t feel too dressed-down when running errands either.

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Versatile flats

Versatile flats

Life is too short to wear heels every day so you need some footwear for daily use. Your favourite pair of stilettos might look amazing, but your feet might not be too happy in them all the time. For days when you feel like dancing or just can’t bear the thought of putting any extra strain on your ankles, you need some trusty flats to throw on. But just because flats are versatile doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish.

Smart black shoes

Finally, we all have formal work-related events to attend every now and again, so having a smart pair of shoes for these instances will leave you feeling well-prepared. These shoes can still have a heel, but they shouldn’t be too high. A pair of pumps or brogues can work well with suit jackets and tailored trousers and while they might not be the favourite part of your wardrobe, they’ll help you to climb the ladder and succeed at work.

This list of shoes is the ideal starting point for building out your wardrobe, but don’t forget nothing is stopping you from buying a few more!