Swimwear For Women: How to Choose The Right Swimsuit For You

Hot girl summer is almost here, and looking for the perfect swimwear for women can be a challenge to find one that is both comfortable and flattering. There are so many different styles and cuts of swimsuits, so here is our handy guide to finding the right beachwear with holidays on the horizon.

What to look for when buying swimwear

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a swimsuit, but comfort should always be the number one priority. It’s essential to try on swimwear beforehand to ensure a fit test for both lounging and swimming to avoid a wardrobe malfunction when diving in. The right cossie would vary based on activities, as surfing or paddle boarding has more movement than sunbathing.

Things to consider include:

  • Straps for support and tan lines. Thinner straps dig in more.
  • Underwire support for the busty lady
  • Fit. It should be tight but not uncomfortably so, and with two-piece swimsuits you can mix and match sizes.
  • Coverage. Not just for the self-conscious but also from the sun.

women in bikinis

Styles of swimwear for women

There are a range of styles ready to buy, so here is a quick run down of the popular types and they can easily be split into one and two piece styles, although that doesn’t always reflect on the amount of fabric and coverage.

One-piece swimsuit

one piece swimsuitOne-piece swimsuits are just all in one fabric, and usually skin-tight that covers the full torso and commonly backless. They are one of the most popular styles of swimwear as they are flattering and safe.

The maillot or tank suit swimsuit style is more traditional coverage you would recognise, and likely feel more comfortable wearing.

Modern twists have made them more designer and stylish, with variants like cut outs exposing more of the torso, but ultimately they are still one piece of material. These styles are far fashionably in-trend, but perhaps not quite right for the waterpark.

For the super-confident, the sling swimsuit is the more skin exposing variant much like a mankini in that exposes the sides of the torso and often the cleavage. And the less said about the topless monokini the better.

The bodyskin is more like a wetsuit and used for watersports or swimming and covers the entire torso, arms and top of the legs.

Two-piece swimsuit

two piece swimwear

The two piece is a separate top and bottoms which gives huge flexibility on styles and sizing. This can vary from the modest tankini which is a full top, to the popular bikini which is just four triangles of fabric covering the breasts and bottom. The bathing suit style invented in the 1940’s was deemed controversial and banned in some countries, but is deemed tame now compared to G-string micro versions.

Two-piece swimsuits have a lot of versatility but will nearly always expose the navel. Top styles include the Bandeau tube top style (or Bandini), halter tops secured round the neck, and longline style which covers more support and coverage.

The tankini is a tank top and bottoms so can look like a one-piece but offers a range of mix and match options to find that right sizing. It’s great for those wanting to cover their stomach.

The bottoms can also come in a variety of styles that vary on coverage, including the high-waist (sitting higher on the stomach) and high-cut (exposing more thigh), to versions that include a skirt for full bum coverage.

Regardless of which style you prefer, a good dress can easily be put over the top when walking around if required. But naturally if you’ve shopped for one of the best swimwear brands then you will not want to cover it up.

example of Swimwear For Women with curves
Swimwear For Women with curves

What are the best styles for curvy ladies?

It’s all about confidence, but the most flattering type is the one-piece. Although tankini’s with a ruffles skirt and shorts offers the most coverage and would be the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge.


Now that you know more on swimsuit styles, it’s time to shop. Whether you want an ultra-flattering one-piece or a fun and flirty bikini, hopefully, this has made it clearer what styles of swimwear for women there are available. Time to get beach ready!