The Fashion Accessories of 2022 in the UK

All of you fashion risk-takers out there, get ready for a summer of fun, as you will be able to try just about anything and still remain somewhat in the fashion trend. The season will be adapted for the bold and the beautiful people wanting to have fun and move around, albeit only for short trips, still. Without further ado, here are the fashion accessories you will need this summer.

Very, very Big Bags

The main trend of the summer will be to go on quick getaways. No need to pack a suitcase though, thanks to the new trend of very large bags. For those who still want to remain in-style and elegant, you need to look for canvas tote bags, which will be the perfect addition to your fancy short summer trips. After all, all you will need are bare essentials to look decent for a few days, and a mini skirt and a t-shirt don’t take that much space in a bag, while keeping you fully fashionable this season.

Fashionable big handbag


Add a French Touch to Your Look

You can buy a baguette and place it under your arm, but that would be temporary and a bit ridiculous. Instead, get serious and buy a netted beret to embrace French chic. Yes, that soft, sweet, elegant beret is making its way back onto the fashion scene. Make it the centre of your look, by staying away from large earrings and wild necklaces, that will be in vogue during the warm summer months. The beret should speak about you by itself, and not send confused signals, through the use of other powerful accessories.

Say Hello to the 70s (yet again)

Although the rock band “Kiss” may not come around your town this summer, for yet another ultimate tour (well, who knows…maybe they will), you can be safe walking around with chunky platform high heel boots, just as the ones they wear on stage. Yes, that eye-catching 70s accessories, in its ankle-length format, but also in its most famous over the knee look, is back. The go-go boots style will be in full fashion over the summer and perfect to be seen on a night out on the town. That mini skirt which, will be all the rage, will be the perfect addition to get you rocking the night away.

elegant lady wearing trendy colorful head scarf

Cover Your Head

The season will be a mix of many different decades. The head scarf will bring us back to the days of Grace Kelly. It will make you dream of “la Costa Amalfitana” (if you have never been, stop dreaming and go already!), and you’ll hear the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, all the way back in your London flat. If you prefer, you can choose to go with the classic bandana style, but really who wouldn’t want to look like a million pounds, by wearing a vintage Hermès or Gucci head scarf, right?

Have Nice Ears? Show them!

If you want to be seen from afar by your friends or even beautiful strangers than statement gold hoop earrings is what you want to acquire, in preparation for summer 2022. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it will complete your look perfectly. Well, just keep them off if you are wearing the beret, please…