The Power of Customer Salon Reviews

Customer reviews are vital for hair and beauty salons, not only can they attract new clients but they also provide valuable feedback so you can give your existing clients the best possible service.

A 2022 survey by Bright Local, found that 57% of customers will visit a business’s website after reading a positive review and 72% say that a positive review makes a business seem more trustworthy, showing how effective customer reviews can be for a local business.

In this article, we’ll look at the power of customer reviews in taking your salon to the next level and how you can encourage your clients to leave glowing reviews after using your services.

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An Overall Positive Experience

Professional hairdressing scissors retailer, Capital Hair and Beauty surveyed 2,000 regular salon goers to find out what factors affect their decision to review a salon and what would lead them to leave a positive or negative review. 58% of Brits said that they would leave a review if they’d had “a positive overall experience.” So, what makes a perfect salon experience for your customer?

Make a good first impression

The waiting area is a client’s initial experience of your salon, so make sure it sets the right tone, with comfortable seating, a great playlist and plenty of magazines to read. And the environment has to look classy, with professional hair styling tools used.

Offer them a drink

Offer your clients a hot drink such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate or cold drinks like fruit juice or lemonade. You could even treat your clients to a complimentary cocktail or glass of fizz on the house. Just bear in mind that to serve alcohol in your salon, you’ll need to comply with UK alcohol licensing laws. In England and Wales, you’ll need a premises licence and a personal licence held by the business owner or manager.

Attention to Detail

Little details like being able to charge their phone or use free WiFi and having a choice of different ways to pay, can make an all-around positive experience for your clients.

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Happy With the Results

Understandably, when it comes to hair and beauty treatments, results matter with 57% of Brits being more likely to leave a positive review if happy with the results. On the flip side, clients are more likely to give a negative review if they leave their appointment unhappy with their treatment or look.

To ensure customers are happy with their service, treatment and final results keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and training, so you can offer a wide range of services to your clients. Customer service skills are also key, so make sure you stay organised and don’t muddle appointments or leave customers waiting too long.

Going Above and Beyond

27% of salon customers said that complimentary extras would influence their decision to leave a positive review. This could be anything from herbal tea and a healthy snack to a freebie, like a complimentary foot massage for a client having a pedicure.

You can also make a client feel special by being attentive and focusing solely on them during their treatment so they don’t feel that you’re distracted. Aftercare is also important, so take the time to explain to your client how to maintain their look or anything else they should know after a treatment.

Negative Reviews

Dealing With Negative Reviews

Unfortunately, negative reviews come with the territory but the way you respond can make a big difference. You should always acknowledge customer complaints and negative reviews as soon as possible to show that you take customer care seriously and to prevent it from escalating.

When responding, remember to be respectful. You may not agree with the comments but you should still stay professional and not get into an argument about details. Invite the client to get in touch with you offline – via email or over the phone, so you can resolve the issue and if appropriate, offer to make it up to them with a discounted or free treatment next time. Reviews are direct feedback so try to see negative reviews as a learning opportunity that can help you identify potential problems before they escalate.