Tips for Choosing the Best Gold Bracelet for Women

Gold bracelets have been a popular accessory for women in the last decades. The designs and materials used have, however, changed over the years. Despite the changes, gold bracelets remain to be an essential accessory for women.

Gold bracelets signify an individual’s style and class. It also symbolizes power and glory. However, with the many varieties in the market, you may never be sure whether the gold is pure or not. The following is a guide to help you find the best gold bracelet for women, especially if you are shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts.

1.      Karat

Karat signifies the purity of the gold. The purest gold used to make jewellery is usually 22 karats. There are 10, 12, 14 and 18 karats gold as well. Since karat signifies the gold’s purity, a 14 karat gold will be cheaper than a 22 one. Therefore, before you buy your gold bracelet, it is essential to know the purity you are looking for.

2.      Design of the bracelet

There are so many designs for women’s bracelets. There are solid gold bracelets, while some are accessorized with metallic colours and different gemstones. Also, you can find a patterned texture. The design you select depends on your interest or the occasion.

If you are not sure of the design to buy, ask a professional to guide you. Also, you can take the time to check various designs on the web.

3.      Size

The size of the gold bracelet matters a lot. When selecting a gold bracelet for women, ensure it fits your wrist perfectly. Gold is expensive. Also, wearing it symbolizes class and elegance. Therefore, you would not want to embarrass yourself by selecting a bracelet that is either too tight or too loose.

Since the sizes of wrists vary, it is crucial to measure your wrist to select the right fit. Also, make sure you check how thick and weighty the bracelet is before you buy it.

4.      Alloys and colours

Pure gold is 24 karat, but it can get damaged easily because it is soft. So, it should be mixed with other metals to make it stronger. It is essential to know other alloys of gold before you buy your bracelet. Some of the common alloys and colours include:

Yellow gold– this is the most common form of gold. It is highly purchased because it makes people feel classy because gold is yellow. However, not all yellow jewellery is made of gold. Others are just coated to make them appear authentic. Therefore, you must be very cautious when buying your yellow-gold bracelet.

White gold– white gold looks like silver, but brighter. It is also famous and can be paired with yellow gold for a beautiful, unique tone.

Rose gold– this is a gold alloy that has a pinkish colour. It is mostly used for engagement rings, but it is becoming popular for bracelets as well.

Green gold– this is a very rare gold alloy. It features a mix of silver and gold to make it have a bright greenish-yellow colour.

5.      Finding a seller

Once you know the size, purity, and gold alloys, it is time to look for a reputable seller. If you are shopping on the web, you will come across so many gold bracelets vendors that promise quality products. However, you cannot tell whether the vendor is genuine or not until you take the time to check their websites and even get recommendations.

6.      Compare prices

Once you find a seller, do not pay before you get more quotations from other sellers. Different sellers price their gold bracelets differently. So, check different rates before you select a particular vendor.


So many bracelets designs are available in the market. However, gold bracelets come with class and elegance. You can never go wrong with gold because you can use it for both formal and casual wear. Also, all its alloys are classy and exceptionally beautiful. That is why gold jewellery remains the trendsetter in the beauty industry.

However, in case you’re on more of a budget, or you’re looking for a more alternative way to express your sense of fashion, why not create your own bracelet? Brands like The Bead Shop are perfect for those looking to make their own jewellery, including bracelets, and much more.