The World’s Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

On 14th February, this special date is celebrated across the globe where lovers express their desire, connection and love for one another. This could be through spending the day together, sharing their emotions for each other or sharing those thoughtful gifts. It is a day for individuals to make it special and memorable. Red is the colour of choice for many couples as this powerful colour represents deep love and passion.

For some, splashing the cash on the most expensive valentines gifts will be easy, for others, we may need to purchase lottery tickets and cross our fingers. Either way, if you want to buy the most valuable and expensive things for your cherished lover on Valentine’s Day? You have come to the right place!

You have the option to either earn some extra love and appreciation through acts of kindness or selflessness during the day or you could just keep it simple and shower her with the best gifts around. Here are a few amazing gift ideas to help you on your way to choosing the right gift for your partner.

Their dream smartphone

Smartphones are no doubt one of the most desired and popular gifts. If your other half has been looking for a new phone then this would a great surprise present for her. Currently, the iPhones on the market are a popular choice. Your partner would definitely be happy with an iPhone 12 which is the newest model of those smartphones. Getting an expensive phone such as the iPhone 12 on Valentine’s Day would easily make her day.

Price:  Varies from $749 to $799

An engagement ring

A dozen red roses would be so romantic but if you’re looking to propose to your partner, then what is better than placing a diamond ring on their finger. We are sure that a diamond ring is included in what is considered symbolic of eternal love. According to some spiritual beliefs, they also bring strength, endurance, and courage as the diamond’s hardness and ‘invincibility’ can turn back bad power or fate. Diamonds also can prevent stress, emotional discomfort, anxiety, and defend the owner from negative powers.

Price: A 2.0 carat diamond costs approx. $4,200 – $29,000

A gorgeous bracelet

Many people wear a bracelet as a symbol of “Locked in Love”. Couples wear couple bracelets as it represents a strong and loving relationship. They are a unique gift option for your loved ones and they are a highly appreciated gift, especially for women.

It is true that jewellery enhances one’s beauty and also signifies wealth, power and strength. If you’re looking for an expensive brand in particular then Cartier offers a wide range of luxurious bracelets. You might want to read our tips for choosing a gold bracelet.

Price: The store currently sells above 40 versions and most come in 7 sizes; you can select your favourites ranging from $4,050 and $56,000.

A stunning necklace

A necklace is one of the greatest types of jewellery that you could give to your partner. A necklace is an everlasting gift that is kept near the heart as you wear it around your neck. This represents love, loyalty and affection. A necklace also symbolises an outward projection of your partner’s desires, needs and personalities, and often is paired with matchimg earrings.

So if you want to establish an even stronger connection with your partner, then a necklace is an amazing gift to consider buying for Valentine’s Day. It would remind them of you every single time they wear it.

Price: The price of the most expensive necklace – The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace is $55 million.

A lavish watch

Watches are also considered great gifts for Valentine’s Day as they are just another reminder of your love and appreciation for your other half. The majority of watch brands have worked hard to create and showcase a range of luxury watches to the world. So you’ll have to invest some time and consider browsing through some expensive brands before using your hard-earned cash to purchase your other half’s gift.

Price: Graff Diamonds Hallucination’s watch costs $55 Million. Graff Diamonds is one of the most expensive brands in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to get your other half a valentines gift a few months in advance as it’s always good to plan and invest your time in finding a valuable gift for your partner. Now it’s up to you to select the unique gifts for your unique partner.