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Who owns Valorous Clothing?

Valorous was started in 2021 by Sean Fennell, a Manchester-based pro boxer. He was on a 7 win streak until the pandemic shut his sport down, and the Gyms down. Unsurprisingly for someone who needs to take fitness seriously, he spent a lot of his time in athleisure garments and obviously knows a thing or two about performance wear.

What is a genuine shock though is a few days before his next fight at Sheffield Arena on the 11th June 2021, he was busy overseeing a photoshoot with Callum Izzard (aka Callum from Ibiza Weekender) and preparing for brand launch. And in between training furiously (wearing his new range of course), he took some time out to speak to us about his vision (see below).

we are valorous

While he is following in the footsteps of former footballer Reece Wabara of Maniere De Voir in looking at options outside of sport, Sean doesn’t have the backing of experienced fashion moguls of Gym Shark for guidance. He’s done it all alone and to a very high standard, with noticeable quality in the website and photography for a new startup.

The men’s range for launch consists of performance T-Shirts in 3 colourways (Red, White and Black), and black tracksuit jackets and joggers. It’s understandable he wants to keep the next drop under wraps, but he promises big plans are underfoot.

valorous mens

The women’s range is more standout for me with tops and leggings in 4 stunning colours of mint green, lilac purple, mauve brown and black is more than just eye-catching. We cannot wait to see what comes out next.

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Is Valorous a good brand?

Yes, the brand has some high-quality pieces and gorgeous colourways. I managed to bag myself the peppermint set, so it’s a rare occasion I can first-hand confirm the material and fit is genuinely mint! Made with a Nylon, Polyester and Elastane blend, it gives comfort and stretch.

We are sure initial customer reviews will back this up. It’s also clear from Sean’s vision that the customer focus is there, which speaks volumes about their expected success.

It’s all very impressive work for a new brand, so we are predicting big things and that they will go the distance. As a boxer, Sean is clearly a born winner. We love how he is fighting everyone’s corner for inclusivity too.

What does it mean to be valorous?

To be valorous is to be courageous and valiant. Pronounced Val-uh-russ, it means possessing or acting with bravery.

valorous women

Interview with Sean Fennell

So why start a fashion brand?

We asked Sean why at the beginning of his boxing career and the ripe old age of 21, fashion was on his mind.
So the inspiration for starting the brand was born from a mixture of things. First of all, I have been obsessed with sports from a young age. This, combined with my passion for fashion gave me the motivation through the 2020 lockdown when I had a lot of time on my hands to start getting creative and brainstorming some ideas. This is when Valorous was born.

And why call the brand Valorous?

Valorous stands for ‘showing great courage in the face of danger’. To me, the brand is all about motivating others we understand everyone has personal goals and struggles as a brand we’re here to motivate them through both journeys.

Sounds great, what separates you from the other brands out there?

Our aim here at Valorous is to provide high-quality clothing at affordable prices for our customers. We want to help everyone take the next step in fitness and life goals. To push performance inside and outside of the gym.
We strive to be open, inclusive, equal and empowering. We are open to all sizes, religions and cultures. We are all human and equal. We support everyone no matter what, to motivate, inspire and push people to achieve their goals.

We are Valorous

You can find the clothing on their website and follow them on Instagram for launch news.

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure is clothing that is designed for exercise but also suitable for everyday wear. It’s more performancewear aimed at Athletes and Gym Goers than your standard tracksuit. The key is in the fabrics, fits and cuts.

The term was first heard in the 1990s, as a combination of athletic and leisure, to bridge the gap between clothing suitable for exercise and also to wear casually. Functional sportswear clothing that looks good, even when layered to a devastating effect.

What is performance wear?

Performance clothing is sportswear garments using high-tech fabrics for moisture management to keep athletes cool and dry.

Usually slim-fitting, these active wear are comfortable and stretchy to reduce resistance when running or exercising. Performance wear has been around for a long time, but branded sportswear was adapted for the youth market and not just for elite athletes.

The difference between athleisure and performance wear is activewear is more designed for elite athlete’s and design is leaning towards the sports aspect. Whereas athleisure is designed with fashionable everyday use in mind.

Valorous is designed with both in mind, with sacrifices on neither.

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sean fennell
Sean Fennell (centre) June 2021


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