Why Are Designer Keyrings Trending?

Keyrings were once deemed a dorky accessory to attach to your house or car keys. In 2022, things have changed. Something that we would bring back as a humorous kitsch accessory or a gift for that person we just didn’t know that well has now become a style statement.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense – keys are one of the few things we always bring with us when we step out the front door. So why not make them a little more personal? Men’s designer keyrings are the perfect accessory for elevating your everyday essentials, from a pair of chinos to a plain bag. though the days of 2018’s Logomania trend have come and gone, it still feels nice to have something a little flashy and luxurious on your keys. We all deserve a treat occasionally, right?

Sure, designer keyrings are a little more on the expensive side – but they’re not the oversized poorly made keyrings you find in souvenir shops, they’re well worth the investment. Not only will they follow you around all day, but they will last a lifetime. So many design houses are contributing to this trend – from Vivienne Westwood, to Off-White and even Gucci!

Why Are Designer Keyrings Trending
Vivienne Westwood Orb Keyring

Why Keyrings?

Keyrings are an accessible designer item that people can wear to support and express their favourite brands. It is an ideal first purchase for those who are starting to venture into the world of designer goods. Not only does this purchase customise your keys, but you can use it to give a new lease of life. You can attach them to a simple black bag or the belt loop on a pair of jeans. You can even attach one to a pair of combat boots! You’ve got the message – keyrings aren’t just for keys!

Like designer fashion houses’ clothes, you can express your identity through a keyring. You can go for something graphic and branded like a Christian Dior keyring, if you’re still on the Logomania bandwagon. Or you can opt for unique designs that are connected to the designer’s collection. That way, you can get the best of the seasonal trends for a fraction of the price before you commit to purchasing any expensive items such as a handbag or a coat.

Get noticed

As we mentioned earlier, keyrings are ideal for customising clothing. Even the plainest of items can be elevated with a keyring. If you love wearing tailored trousers or jeans, then metallic keyrings will add a little edge,

Depending on the design, a keyring can give you a rock’n’roll vibe or make an outfit a little more casual. You can clash colours or opt for a timeless look with a twist – the aim is to make your outfit truly your own! A keyring can really transform your look, making it more modern and fresher. The styling possibilities are endless, this isn’t just a trend, accessorising with a keyring is here to stay!