What to pack for a UK walking holiday

Walking holidays are just about the most quintessentially British thing there is. Our great nation is packed full of incredible sights and trails, so it’s no wonder. Given the renewed rise in COVID cases once again and the uncertainty of the next few months, it would appear holidays abroad are still a little risky right now so more of us will be planning domestic walking holidays than ever before.

For many of us, it could be our first time. So, what do you pack on walking holidays? Here, we’ll take a look at the different items of clothing and accessories needed when taking part in a walking holiday in the UK.

Breathable clothes

The weather is rarely consistent and you never know exactly what you’re going to be finding yourself up against on a walking holiday. That’s why it’s always preferable to dress in layers rather than just stick to either bulky clothing or light clothing.

Go for lots of layers of breathable clothes that you can add or remove as the weather and temperature dictates. And if it’s sunny, minimise UV exposure with long-sleeve tops and leggings. Because sunburn is no joke.

walking holiday

Sturdy walking boots

Trainers are fine for walking the dog or walking to the shop and back but on a good hike, they will always let you down. If you’re going to be walking dozens of miles in what can be very rough terrain then proper walking boots are an absolute must. Go for fully waterproof materials like Gore-Tex and ensure a snug fit but not too snug. Indeed, going for a size larger than you might normally buy is a good idea as your feet could swell in warm climates and in colder climates you might want to wear thicker socks.


You’ll most likely be planning your walks on a daily schedule so be sure to bring a backpack that can carry everything you’ll need to stay healthy and hydrated over a 24 hour period. This should include water, sun protection, food and small aid kit and, of course, those extra potential layers of clothing. If you’re having a more relaxed time you might want to fit a few beers or a bottle of wine in there too. Oh and don’t forget a local map. Because the GPS on your phone is great but it can `always fail you.

Walking poles

For some more extreme walking tours, you might want to consider upping your game with a pair of walking poles. These will help you negotiate rocky paths and steep inclines with relative ease. They are also ideal for walkers who might have underlying problems with their joints as they will take some of the weight off.


This is the UK, where the highest number of rainy days recorded was 22.2 in a month. In October 2021, there were 17. Chances are, you will get caught in a shower at some point so a lightweight waterproof jacket is a must even in good weather.