How to Decorate Your Home, Based on Your Star Sign

Last Updated on 4th December 2021

Decorating your home is a rite of passage for practically every UK household – but picking out your style can be a nerve-wracking process. What if you don’t like it when it’s finished, or what if trends shift? We propose countering these questions with another: what if you could base your home’s décor on the predictions of your star sign?

What is a Star Sign?

Star signs are an astrological observation, derived from the Zodiac, a belt of twelve star constellations that surround the Earth. These twelve constellations exist 30 degrees apart from each other, and their position in the sky roughly coincides with the 12 months of the year.

Your star sign is dictated by the position of the sun in relation to each constellation, with the vernal equinox indicating the beginning of the Aries sign, and of the Zodiac year. Star signs have been observed since the Babylonian era, and can be found in religions and traditions around the world – though they are a particular hallmark of contemporary Western astrology.

The star sign into which you were born is said to influence aspects of your personality – including your tastes; so what might your star sign say about how you should decorate your home?

Decorating to Your Star Sign


Aquarians are born between the 20th January and the 18th February; Aquarius is a naturally progressive sign, with a soothing air. As an air sign, their homes should reflect openness and space in design, while the décor should utilise bolder colours and feature walls.

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Pisces encompasses 19th February to the 20th March, and represents creativity and empathy in tandem. A Pisces should decorate their house with softness in mind; light colours and low lighting should abound, with houseplants and earthenware to decorate.


Aries, from 21st March to the 19th April, is a headfirst sign, the first from the Spring equinox – and dynamic to boot. An Aries’ home should reflect their place in the fire sign, with bold, simple choices that can be changed easily to suit new trends.


Taurus, 20th April to 20th May, is the sign of the bull – but in name alone. Tauruses are born romantics, and flourish in soothing, luxurious environments. Make use of soft, silky materials for upholstery, with warm colours and precious metal textures stippling the home.


21st May to the 20th June is Gemini season; Gemini are the curious type, with a sense of wonder and a draw to discovery. A Gemini house should be maximalist in aesthetic, with stacked shelves and mantelpieces full of memories, as well as bright walls and meaningful hangings.


Cancer season is from the 21st June to the 22nd July, and is a sign of intuition. Cancerians are great with details, and their home should honour their perception, leaning on neutral colours to provide a minimalist backdrop to certain key accessories, and personal effects.


Leo season extends from the 23rd July to the 22nd August, and those born under it are often true to the Lion archetype – loud and proud. As such, their homes should extol their virtues: brash colours and larger-than-life furniture.


Virgo, an Earth sign between the 23rd August and the 22nd September, represents organisation, logic and practicality. Their home should be utilitarian yet stylish, with painted fitted wardrobes for a contemporary touch and wooden floors for both class and cleanliness.

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Libra, the sign of the scales, starts on the 23rd September and finishes on the 22nd October. Librans are a level-headed, diplomatic sign, with a penchant for considered taste. Their homes should be bespoke and balanced, marrying past and present with modern flairs and statement pieces in each room.


Scorpio, 23rd October to 21st November, is perhaps the wisest sign of the Zodiac. Perceptive, emotive and courageous, their homes should embody steadfastness; concretes and industrial effects, with splashes of warm colour.


Sagittarius, the archer sign, runs from the 22nd November to the 21st December. Sagittarians are the go-getting type, with determination and a fiery demeanour; their homes should reflect this, with eclectic design choices and globe-trotting artefacts.


Capricorn season is from the 22nd December to the 19th January; those born under tis earth sign are preternaturally patience, and given to appreciating time and effort. As such, their homes should be timeless, with home comforts that stand the test of newer fashion trends – think leather sofas, early-modern furniture and earthy tones.