Engagement Ring Trends: What’s Popular in 2023

Last Updated on 6th January 2024

Are you planning to propose and looking for the perfect engagement ring? It can become overwhelming with all the different and unique choices available. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be! Here’s an overview of what engagement rings are popular this year so you’re equipped with helpful tips during your search. From meaningful symbolism to specialized materials and diamond shapes, prepare for a remarkable look into 2023’s modern trends!

Unique Gemstones

Engaged couples today are looking for unique ways to express their loving commitment, and rings have become a major part of that. You can read the lookup website for more information on how to customize the engagement ring with a unique gemstone that will blow her away! For 2023, these are one of the biggest trends to keep an eye on as many couples look for ways to make their perfect alliance truly special. 

Engagement rings are specia
Engagement rings are special

From tantalizing Tanzanite to majestic Montana sapphires, choosing a personal and symbolic and coloured gemstone can be the perfect way of creating a show-stoppingly gorgeous engagement ring.

Not only do artisan jewellers often provide exclusive coloured stones, but the rise of “conflict-free” practices linked with more traditional purchases, like diamonds, alleviates any ethical quandaries associated with the purchase, making it easier to enjoy a classy gemstone ring without guilt.

Non-Traditional Shapes

In 2023, non-traditional engagement rings will be the hottest trend. Gaining popularity over the past few years, they are now in the spotlight more than ever. Nuptial jewellery with creative and unusual shapes like ellipses, hexagons, ovals, and octagons have been seen adorning couples who are looking to make a statement or reflect their individual style when it comes to proposing (or being proposed to!). 

Characteristics such as heirloom style engravings on curved surfaces give these modern style engagement rings a sophisticated and timeless look. Whether you’re looking for something totally unique or want to reflect your current trends in fashion, non-traditional shaped rings are taking off in 2023 – making them the perfect memorable and sentimental symbols of togetherness for couples in love.

Mixed Metals 

Mixed metals are a hot style in 2023 for engagement rings. Rings showcasing unique blends of silver and gold, copper and rose gold, or white gold and platinum are particularly popular. Some jewellers combine different mixes of precious metals to produce unique creations, often made with hammer techniques to enhance the final product with texture or dimensional effects. Here are some examples:

  • rose and white gold
  • yellow gold and platinum
  • white gold and palladium
  • rose gold and yellow gold
  • rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold
  • yellow gold and titanium

This trend is perfect for brides who want something special and one-of-a-kind – to stand out even on the engagement ring’s biggest day. So if you’re looking to make your proposal extra special, consider creating a multi-metal masterpiece that expresses your style like no other!

Vintage-Inspired Design

The vintage-inspired design is making a comeback as an engagement ring trend for 2023. Brides are seeking out elements of classic elegance and rings with histories as much as modern trends.

Whether it’s vintage-style diamond ring with cuts such as marquise, pear, and oval or antique gold finishes such as rose, yellow, and white gold – modern brides are channelling the timeless charm of vintage inspired designs to make a personal statement around their own love story.

As more people seek out something truly special when selecting an engagement ring in 2023, vintage-inspired designs remain popular among many couples today.

Coloured Diamonds

As lovers seek out more unique ways to mark their commitment this engagement season, the colourful sparkle of colored diamonds is spectacularly catching everyone’s attention. Alongside traditional white diamonds, these rare and exquisite stones are quickly becoming a must-have for anyone looking for a 2023 engagement ring. 

From purple amethyst to lavender tanzanite, from deep pink sapphire to red rubies, coloured diamonds offer an array of different and captivating hues that put a daring twist on classic diamond rings. Not only do they capture the light with outrageous brilliance, but these unique and vivid tones also symbolize years of true love and commitment.


For couples that want a stylish and timeless ring to represent their engagement, minimalism can be the perfect option. In 2023, this trend continues to be popular as it carries with it a simplistic elegance and subtle sophistication. Minimalistic designs can have an intricacy in details that gel together to form a simple yet stunning piece of jewellery. 

Subtlety means fewer or no gemstone, with smaller bands crafted from materials like 14k gold or industrial stainless steel providing the perfect backdrop for a monogram or engraving. The beauty of minimalist engagement rings is that they never go out of style and will always remind you of your special bond.

Engagement ring trends for 2023
Engagement ring trends for 2023

Wedding rings often represent a couple’s individual personality, and with so many unique options to choose from, couples in 2023 will have plenty of diverse styles to consider. From vintage-inspired designs utilizing classic rock cuts to coloured diamonds, coloured gemstones and minimalistic designs, there are plenty of engagement ring trends to explore in this popular new year.

With the ever-growing array of options available, couples investing in an engagement ring can easily design a timeless symbol that is as one-of-a-kind and special as their relationship. Modern trends give you the opportunity to personalize the look you love while still making a wise investment in your future.