Best Fashion Trends To Attend Horse Racing Events

When it comes to high fashion, you should forget about brand runways or fashion shows. Attending a prestigious horse race will open up the doors to the fashion industry where you’ll see a lot of style and glamour.

Horse racing has always been a prestigious sport where people show off their wealth, and somehow this trend managed to survive over the years. If you are a fan you can visit for the latest horse racing news.

Now the top priority for attendants is often elegance and style from the head to the toe even though it is not always mandatory.

Since the Cheltenham Cup is coming next month in March, we decided to dig a bit deeper and find the latest trends you need to consider wearing on your next horse race day.

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Things to Consider before Choosing an Outfit

We all know that the outfit should be elegant and classy, but don’t forget that it should also be comfortable to last the entire day. Here are some pointers you might want to consider.

Time of year – Your outfit depends on the weather conditions and the location of the race.

Dress code – Some horse racing events have their own dress code.

An evening or day meeting – Even though most races take place during the day, there are some events that are scheduled for the evening, especially on the hot summer days.

Season – whether you are attending a race in summer, autumn, sprint, or winter, it will require different outfit choices.

Let’s see what to wear for each season.

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Ladies Horse Racing Fashion Trends

Most people consider the summer season to be the best for attending horse races, and they are not wrong. Since most days will be sunny and hot, you’ll want to look good and feel good. For this reason, the best option for ladies is a light dress.

When attending a summer horse race, it is best to wear a flowy, elegant dress that will make you feel comfortable and stand out from the crowd. A flowy dress gives you better ventilation and won’t get sticky after a while.

For example, a long sleeve pleated midi dress is perfect for a summer horse race.

Additionally, you’ll have to avoid dark colours since they absorb the heat from the sun. Instead, choose light shades like pink or white.

When it comes to footwear, it can be a struggle since you are spending most of your day on your feet. Unfortunately, walking boots are not the most fashion-forward footwear for attending horse races.

This is why most women like to wear wedges, as they are comfortable to walk in, and also stylish.

Hats are important accessory for women, especially in the summer days. This will make your outfit more stylish and also keep the sun out of your eyes.

For the winter, the most important thing for the ladies is to stay warm just because if you are freezing it will ruin your whole experience.

The best choice for a winter horse race is a jumpsuit that fully covers your legs and arms. If you are more of a dress-type person, then choosing a maxi dress is also a good idea.

For footwear, it is ideal to go with some heel boots since they cover your legs and keep you warm. If you want, you can add some leather gloves just to add more class to your outfit.

Dapper men

Men’s Horse Racing Fashion Trends

There are plenty of outfits that are great for attending horse races in the summer, where the goal is to look stylish and avoid being too hot.

The best choice for men is a lightweight suit with bright colours. For a more casual look, if the dress code allows, you can also go with smart pants and a polo shirt tucked in.

When it comes to footwear for the summer season, the most stylish look is wearing loafers, without socks.

For the winter days, a suit and a coat is the best option for attending horse races. You can also add a scarf as an accessory to accent your look.

The footwear for men depends on the outfit. The best option for winter races is derby shoes, but you can also wear classy boots that go along with your suit just to keep you warmer.