Zanouchi Brand Review and History

Year Started:2020

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Who is Zanouchi?

Zanouchi is a new luxury urban wear brand, already standing out of the crowd with its loud and lavish design and high-end luxurious clothing.

The brand is from Bolton, close to the Manchester mecca of UK streetwear, and it seems designer and CEO Zano has his finger firmly on the pulse to produce high-quality design and product, all at a competitive price point. They are also gaining plaudits for their modern website shop experience, including a chat function.

Where does the name come from and how do you pronounce it?

Zanouchi is pronounced Zan-oo-chi and comes from the word Zano, which means Gift from God.

The Zanouchi Logo

Zanouchi Logo
Zanouchi Z Logo

The Zanouchi logo is the Z, which looks great on caps and as a chest logo.

They also have a script logo of the brand name which is used in a variety of patterns and scripts, giving great variation to the designs to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Zanouchi Clothing

As you would expect from a luxury lifestyle brand, there is a good depth of product styles. The range includes mens, womens, unisex kids and accessories, and the brand use high-quality cotton for that luxurious feel.

The menswear collection is the focal point, with T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Joggers, Shorts, Footwear (sliders) and Accessories (caps and earbuds).

The statement pieces are the Spring/Summer 2021 City Collection; New York, London, Venice, San Franciso, Monaco, Milan, Paris, Boston, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

The women’s range currently comprises 4 styles of crew neck sweatshirts.

The Kids range is 3 styles of T-shirt.

zanouchi clothing

Where can you buy Zanouchi Clothing?

The fashion label is available to buy directly on their online shop and is also available in various streetwear retailers, including Online Attire.

Zanouchi Reviews

The brand is already developing a strong fanbase, with strong reviews coming in to commend the quality and fit. These are encouraging signs and we expect the brand to grow and become a real player in the urban streetwear market.
There are some essential things you want from any clothing brand, and that is good customer services and high-quality clothing. We all appreciate mistakes happen, but it’s how companies deal with them that made the difference. The customer reviews on Trustpilot all wax lyrical on both which is a good sign.

What is there to come?

Due to arrive shortly is an expansion of products. This is not a brand taking it slow or resting on its laurels. According to the brand social media, stylish Polo Shirts and socks are coming in April.
Time will tell if Zanochi will become a top streetwear brand, but as the early fans are seeing, quality clothing and unique designs go a long way to making a clothing brand a success. It seems likely that this will a strong indicator of a brand on the up, and definitely are on our ones to watch list.

Where to buy Zanouchi Clothing

You can buy Zanouchi on their website but it’s also stocked by streetwear retailers like Yakuza, An-X and more.
Baz and Chris Beviere modelling Zanouchi Clothing
Baz and Chris Beviere modelling Zanouchi

Who models Zanouchi

You may recognise some of the faces of the streetwear models that have used by other brands. Massay (Scar Tissue Clothing and Gianni Salvatore), Chris Beviere, and Baz have all been used on the product or lifestyle shots.
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