Best snow boots for winter 2021

Autumn is officially here in the UK, so wintry weather is not far away. Having the best snow boots for winter is crucial, and sensible footwear for slippery surfaces are a must.

While we may not be known for snowfall in England (unless you are planning a trip to the Outer Hebrides), snowboots have a solid grip on ice which is more widespread. Plus they are at least warm and can be worn on a chilly day in both Autumn and Spring too, and useful in mud and rain too!

With loads of choice, and no doubt deals to be had in the Black Friday sales, the time to window shop is now. We’ve done our research to help you find the right pair of snow boots this winter, from well-known stores that deliver nationwide.

What are snow boots?

A snow boot is designed for wet, slushy, muddy and snowy conditions. Either waterproof or water-resistant with high sides and rubber soles. Your standard winter boot is not waterproof nor made of easy to clean materials. Most winter vacations will require suitable boots for walking and weather protection.

Women’s snow boots 

Calzat Women’s Alpine Grip Boot

Women's snow bootsOne thing I look for in snow boots is the ability to keep me warm. These boots come with a fur lining that is designed solely for this purpose. They’ve also been made to be resistant to water. You often find that snow will begin to melt on top of shoes and may end up inside your shoes in its liquid form. Seeing as water can’t get through the boots; they are also snowproof.

To ensure that you do not become too warm when wearing them. The Calzat Women’s Alpine Grip Boots are highly breathable. You have the option to tighten the laces as much as you would like using the lace rings. These are incredibly durable. The outsole of these shoes is made out of rubber. They also have fold-out spikes which are essential when treading on slippery surfaces such as snow.

Available at Snow and Rock currently for £45, 50% off RRP £90. At time of writing it had great reviews from happy customers including this glowing reference:

Genuinely the best snow boots I have ever bought. I didn’t fall once and they are so comfortable!

Snow on Rock have an abundance of winter footwear and beyond and is a good place for high-quality items on sale.

Imac Rocket Tex

imac rocket 37 tex beige ankle bootsThe Imac Rocket Tex is our preferred option if you are looking for ankle-length boots. Its exterior is made of soft leather suede. One of the first features to grab our attention was the flurry trim. This is used on the collar of the boot as well as on the tongue. It does a great job of keeping your feet and ankles protected from the cold. 

With snow and water in mind, they have used the IMAC tex waterproof membrane. It helps to keep your feet dry no matter the conditions. This is a feature that makes these shoes that little bit more versatile. Their usage is not limited to snowy days. 

The soles are well pronounced on these shoes. They have detailed grooves that provide traction on all sorts of surfaces. You will usually come across these shoes in Beige or leopard print. 

Men’s snow boots

Calzat Men’s Snowhike Traction Boot

Men's snow bootsThis book has a tactic look about it. Perhaps it is just me, but this is a design that I associate with the military. If it is good enough for the military, it is certainly good enough for me. You will be pleased to note that these shoes are water-resistant. That is a must-have feature when it comes to snow boots. The kind of design that we have here is one that demands breathability. The manufacturers have obliged. There are panels on either side of the ankle for this purpose. 

The design of this shoe is such that it will last you for a while. It can take some roughing up without falling apart. That means the risk of tearing, scuffing and abrasions is relatively minimal. To keep you on your feet while walking on snow, you have fold-out spikes. As the name suggests, these can be folded away when they are not needed.

Available from the Snow and Rock sale for £63, RRP £100.

The North Face Mens Chilkat III Boot

Mens Chilkat III BootThe North Face is a brand that is highly regarded. And as the 5 star reviews on Amazon for the Mens Chilkat III Boot, they have delivered an exceptional winter boot. According to the manufacturer, one of the key improvements in this one is the fit. It has kept the features that are critical for snow winter boots. These include the winter grip as well as the heatseeker warmth. 

The upper part of the boot is made out of BLC-compliant leather. It is a waterproof type of leather, which is excellent for keeping your feet dry. The midsole is made of compression-moulded EVA, which enhances comfort. To make the comfort even better, The North Face have anatomically engineered the shoes. 

The lower part of the boot is also waterproof. In this case, it makes use of a TPR shell. For the sake of durability, this is a rustproof piece of hardware. 

Kids snow boots 

Sorel Kids Yoot Pac Nylon Boot

Kids snow bootsThey are certainly not much to look, especially from the side. This is perhaps a good time for your kid to learn not to judge a book by its cover. The Kid’s Yoot Pac Nylon Boot is incredibly warm. The upper texture within the boots is made of synthetic material. It is a very soft material that is very comfortable. The seams are completely sealed, making the boots waterproof. 

For toe protection, you have an outsole that has vulcanised rubber shell combined with a herringbone outsole. It is a durable outsole that adds to the insulation. We also like that the inner bootie can be removed for washing. 

What is even more impressive is that these boots have a rating of -40°C. This makes them adequate for incredibly harsh weather conditions. The lacing system features a pull-tab that is connected to two metal eyelets. Not only does it make it easier for the child to make adjustments. It is also tough to break.

With glowing reviews on both Amazon and Snow and Rock, it seems a firm family favourite which comes in 7 different colours including Black, Dove Grey, Bright Rose, Hiker Green, Super Blue, and Dark Plum (pictured)

Timberland Kids 6 Inch Premium Waterproof Boots

timberland bootsOur final pick is from a brand that most of us are familiar with. The design is also one that we will all have come across. It features an upper that is made of nubuck leather. All of the seams are sealed to prevent water from reaching the feet. The collar of each boot has the padding that we like about Timberland boots. 

The lacing up system uses solid eyelets. That gives us the liberty to adjust the lacing as much as we would like without breaking anything. To add to the warmth, they have used 200g of Primoloft insulation to keep the cold out. 

The child’s feet are supported by a cushioned EVA footbed and a steel shank. 

Available in various stores, including El Corte Ingles.


Pairing our research and testing with your personal preference should land you the best snow boots for winter. Going with any of the ones that we have recommended above will ensure that you are not disappointed. At the very least, you know what to expect.


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