Alternative engagement ring props for memorable proposal ideas

Last Updated on 13th December 2021

Proposal season has begun! The period between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is the most popular time for engagements – with 40% of proposal’s happening in between this time.  So if you’re considering popping the question this festive season – you’re not alone and here is where our memorable proposal prop ideas come in.

With so many potential engagements, how can you make yours stand out and be unique and interesting, and memorable? For an alternative and fun proposal, consider some of the following ideas to make a truly memorable moment with your loved one this Christmas. Here are our top recommendations.

  1. In a hollowed-out book

Does your partner have a favourite book? Consider purchasing a copy of your significant other’s favourite reading material but hollow out the middle to hide the ring. Watch the confusion as they wonder why you have bought them an item you already own immediately turn to awe as they discover a beautiful diamond engagement ring inside.

spelling out will you marry me for a memorable proposal

  1. In a board game

If you have a creative streak, why not design a board game, and hide the ring at the end of the game. Suggest the idea of having a games night to your partner and set the mood with drinks and snacks. Purposefully design your game to let them win and watch their surprise when they discover the winning prize.

  1. Inside a locket

Placing your engagement ring inside a locket is a particularly romantic gesture and can also double as a thoughtful Christmas present. If the locket isn’t big enough, you can instead simply write a message inside asking for their hand in marriage. When they look up, you will be on one knee presenting the ring. It’s also one of the best ways to carry the engagement ring without worrying about losing it.

  1. In a picture frame

Hiding a ring in a picture frame is a very sentimental way to propose as you can team this with gifting a framed version of your favourite photo together. Hide the ring behind the frame, so when you give it to your partner, they will notice that the weighting is off and find it by themselves. Whenever they look at the picture of you two, they will be reminded of your magical proposal.

fortune cookies as a fun proposal idea

  1. In a fortune cookie

A fortune cookie proposal may seem overdone in films and TV, but how likely are you to expect it in real life? Arrange plans to order a Chinese takeaway together, or if you don’t mind the publicity – feel free to express your devotion in your favourite local restaurant. Hiding engagement rings in food is not always the best idea in case your other half doesn’t end up eating the food – or worse, accidentally swallows the ring! However, with fortune cookies you are guaranteed to crack them open.

  1. In a secret box

Hiding your engagement ring in a secret box, first designed by Andrew Zo, makes for a very sophisticated and smooth proposal. The slim and compact design opens to display the ring in an elegant way which can also be stored in your pocket or wallet. If you are unsure of when to propose, this option gives you the freedom to carry round the ring and authentically pop the question, without the risk of your partner accidentally finding it beforehand.

Proposing doesn’t have to set you back financially. With an abundance of cheap engagement rings available, and by getting creative with your chosen method, you can make it unforgettably romantic on a budget. Proposal props are not essential of course, you can of course make the occasion memorable without them, it just perhaps won’t be so fun.