Couture Club

Couture Club
Year Started:2014 Website | Wholesale Who started the Couture Club? Like 11 Degrees is synonymous with Gaz Beadle, the Couture Club...

Scar Tissue Clothing AW16

Scar Tissue Gymwear
Every now and again a new urban wear brand comes along to blow us away with it's originality, style and damn-right coolness....

Scar Tissue SS19

scar tissue ss19
Scar Tissue Clothing Spring Collection is close to launching, and we have an exclusive sneak preview before anyone else. As soon as...

Insider secrets – How retailers choose brands

Scar Tissue
Have you ever wondered how a retailer chooses which brands to have on their site or how it works? Perhaps you are an urban...

Sixth June Clothing

Sixth June
Who are Sixth June Clothing? Starting in 2008 on the streets of Paris, Sixth June clothing has increasingly gone from...

Profit X Loss

Profit x loss
Who are Profit X Loss? Also known as PXL, Profit X Loss are a UK based Urban Clothing Brand,...

Intense Menswear

intense menswear
Who are Intense Menswear? Established in 2012, Intense Menswear was formed by Liam France in his home town of...

Rose London

Rose London
You've seen Rose London worn before but may not have noticed it; the thing we love most about this brand at Oncotton...

Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid
Fresh Ego Kid is a urbanwear brand that really hits the back of the net. Launched in 2010 by Marvin Morgan, then a professional...

Avid & Co Rebrand

Avid & Co
We often talk about the importance of building a brand. But what happens when you don't feel your initial branding is right...
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