What is the average male model height?

Are you an aspiring male model? If so, it’s likely you’ve measured your height and are wondering how tall are male models. Well, we’ve done the research for you and the average male model height is between 5ft 10″ and 6ft 22 but there is far more to it than stature.

It’s not all about height; looks and build also play a big part. A classic handsome and chiselled face will definitely get more work and modelling agencies interested. But it is also how you move, pose and ability to follow directions. On product shots, expert photographers will take a rapid burst of multiple pictures, and the model is expected to change pose in tandem.

Before we start, let’s talk about what the Office of National Statistics says is the average height of men in the UK. The typical man in England is 5ft 9in (175.3cm) tall and weighs 13.16 stone (83.6kg). So straight away, we know the average male model height is marginally taller than the national average.

What are male models?

The definition of a fashion male model is someone who poses for a photographer or videographer, either as an amateur or professional. These could be lifestyle product shots, and the look of the model will vary from brand style and genre.

A male model use their look and physique to sell a product or service. In the case of high fashion models, this could be on the runway to sell a collection, or in product shots for the website and promo material.

a man in swimwear who is average male model height

What are the average height requirements for male models?

The average height for a male model is between 5ft 10″ and 6 foot 2 inches, but runway requirements will be a lot stricter than streetwear. In general, agencies and brands prefer toned and slim physiques although imperfections can be a unique selling point and help the model standout from the crowd.

The industry standard for male runway models in high fashion is around 6 feet tall but it varies from agency to agency, and the needs of the clothing brand. Swimwear and underwear shoots will require a very toned body. Any athleisure or gym wear will need the sporty physique of a fitness model.

It’s worth noting clothing brands will often match their model to the target audience to generate a subconscious appeal. And it depends on the product, as footwear and watches is different photography.

Streetwear brands embrace the tattooed male model, and may be a good option for the less traditional clean look, although the rugged handsome or bad boy look is common. The same applies to the hipster brands.

a bearded hipster male model with tattoos
A bearded hipster male model with tattoos

How do model agencies decide what height is right for their model?

In recent years, there has been a push for more diversity within in the fashion world and agencies have made adjustments to their scouting criteria. But ultimately it comes down to supply and demand.

There is no point being on an agencies books if no-one is interested in hiring you, but clothing brands are finally realising using alternative models ensures they stand out in advertising campaigns.

What are some challenges of being short, tall or plus-size in the fashion industry?

Being shorter than the average does not close the door just puts you in the petite models niche, but perhaps will limit runway opportunities in fashion week. On most fashion shoots the product is not fully manufactured so the samples are often medium. And the clothes fitting is the biggest deciding factor for brands when selecting commercial models for product shots.

Short male models with the right proportions will still look good in pictures, so can still be used in catalogues, although crucially they cannot be paired with tall female models.

Also some brands may be targeting the big and tall or plus size clothing niche. There are dedicated brands in that sector, plus some high-end fashion designers like Versace are making efforts to be more inclusive and introducing plus size models.

With the push to selling on social media, lifestyle shots can be taken on models of all sizes, so for those wanting to be a fashion model there will always be a path which is enhanced for those already in the influencer space. So the height for male models means little if the man in question has a huge volume of engaged followers heavily influenced into purchasing.