How to Head into Winter Looking Stylish – 3 Women’s Fashion Tips

If you tend to think of winter as the season where fashion goes to die, it’s time to adjust the way you look at clothing. Although there are a lot of bulky items and it can feel like you don’t get to show off individual pieces, the fact is that you can embrace winter fashion more excitedly. Ladies, here are some fabulous ways you can head into winter looking stylish this year, and learn to love the season for what it offers.

Your Winter Jacket Should be a Statement Piece

The most worn item of the entire season will most likely be your winter jacket. It doesn’t matter how many different outfits you put together; the winter jacket will remain a constant. So, knowing that, why not pick a jacket that acts as a statement piece?

Rather than picking the typical oversized puffer jacket, here are some tips you can embrace instead:

  • Choose something bright and colorful that brings life to your face – bright pops of blue, purple, red and pink can be perfect
  • Winter white is always fashionable and elegant looking, even if it’s a more casual looking parka
  • Look for jackets with interesting features such as faux fur detailing, interesting looking zippers and button closures, a metallic finish to the fabric, and so forth
  • Pick a fitted jacket that skims the curves of your body

colourful winter coat

Layers Help You to Look Stylish and Stay Comfortable

Because winter can be so unpredictable, especially in those beginning weeks, layers will tend to be your best fashion technique. This allows you to add and remove layers as necessary depending on the environment. For example, you can take off that extra layer when you enter an indoor setting such as the workplace or a friend’s house while visiting, and then add that layer back on when you head outdoors. It ensures you’re always comfortable no matter what the temperature may be.

For women, the ultimate winter layering piece is a knitted cardigan. These provide style, interest and warmth to any outfit. Cardigans are flexible in that they can be dressed up or down and are appropriate for a wide array of settings, whether you are lounging on the couch at home or sitting at your desk in the office. You can check out stores such as Tribal Fashion for inspiration.

Have Fun with Your Winter Boots

Then there are the accessories and, in terms of winter, the main one will be your winter boots. Depending on your budget, you may want to pick up a couple of different pairs meant for different types of uses and outings. If you pick up a couple, be sure to pick a pair that is appropriate for winter-based activities like sledding, shoveling and trekking through the snow and then a pair that is perfect for day-to-day errands and activities where you won’t be outdoors for long periods. Just like when shopping for the ultimate winter jacket, look for boots with interesting details and features and feel free to choose a bright pop of color.

Using these simple tips will help you to see winter fashion in a whole new positive light.