How to Own Your Style

The key to looking good isn’t following the latest fashion trends. In fact, it is about staying true to your personal style and expressing your likes and preferences through your clothing pieces. That’s why it is important that you determine what your fashion taste is and let the garments and accessories speak volumes about you and your character. 

Whether you are looking for a total style makeover or want to try something new, there are a few simple steps you can take to stay true to your own aesthetic. From going for bold tees to combining different styles, the key is to develop a sense of self rather than simply creating a wardrobe capsule following the hottest trends.

To help you along the way, we have come up with a brief list of several things you can do that will help you own your style and show the world who you are without saying a word.

Be bold with graphics

If you are tired of the minimalist fashion style you’ve been following so far, you should turn to graphic shirts to show your personality. Such tops are engraved with colourful animations and interesting designs making them an excellent way to express your character to the people around you.

Whether you are looking for a floral summer tee or a wicked Not Today Satan shirt, you have many options to choose from for your next look. There is no way you won’t become the centre of attention especially since you will be wearing such an automatic showstopper shirt that shows the sort of person you are. 

Find the colours you like

Another fashion aspect you should consider when owning your style is finding and wearing the colours you love. Of course, this is totally subjective which is perfect when it comes to owning your overall fashion taste.

If you were following “the rule” of choosing the colours that suit your skin tone, you may want to break free from that and go with what you love. The key is to choose shades that make you feel good and confident and as a result, you will look great too. Whether it is vibrant pink or blue tones, fill your wardrobe with hues of your favourite colour.

be confident in your style

Find your signature pieces

Finding a signature piece is a great way to express your personality and own your style. This can be anything from an accessory to a colour or a print that people will come to recognize as you. In other words, it will be something that makes you stand out in the crowd while helping you stay true to your aesthetic.

For example, sunglasses and bandanas are a very popular choice as they come in many colours, designs and styles. Bandanas especially can be worn in different ways, all of which can enhance your personal fashion taste.

Experiment with different styles

It doesn’t mean that if you follow your personal fashion style that you can’t try something daring and still feel yourself. The key is to always dress within your comfort zone while experimenting with something that is uncommon for you and which continues to speak volumes about your character.

For example, adding a statement piece is an excellent way to mix and match different styles. If your look includes your usual signature garments, add some vibrancy with a studded jacket or bold earrings that speak for themselves, but are still showing who you are as a person.

Make your own style icon

If you are having a hard time creating your fashion mood board, then you always have the option of looking for inspiration elsewhere and putting together a wardrobe capsule that represents you. Most fashionistas borrow ideas and tips from celebrities, style icons or even their colleagues and make up their personal style.

For example, Audrey Hepburn was and still is a major fashion influencer because she was the one who introduced women to cropped pants, boatneck tops and loafers. So, if you are her fan, look through her most popular looks and make up your own.

Final thoughts

One of the best ways to show your character and your preferences is through your clothes and accessories. They come in many designs, colours and styles, all of which have the power to show everyone around you what sort of a person you are and what your interests are. The great thing is that you don’t have to stick to the latest fashion trends, but instead you can search for inspiration anywhere you want and put together a wardrobe capsule that represents you.

In case you need help, be sure to refer back to our guide and follow some of the tips mentioned here.