How to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home

Last Updated on 19th January 2023

A romantic 7-course menu with violin accompaniment and a huge peony bouquet on a table is of course the classic but it is often impossible to achieve at home. In this article, we will help you to plan the most romantic home dinner for your partner in 5 simple steps.

Clear Your Schedule

First thing first, you need to choose a date. Make a plan to avoid all distractions so you and your partner can be free to enjoy your delicious meal and each other’s company. If you have kids, make sure that on the day in question they will not be home, perhaps grandparents will agree to watch them for an evening.

If there’s going to be a big game that night and one of you is a big sports fan, you may want to reschedule so there are no distractions. Only once your evening is totally free, you can focus on making a detailed plan.

Romantic Dinner at Home

The Menu

If you plan to enjoy a romantic dinner at home, the first thing you should pick is a drink to start your meal. Wine is the most romantic choice. Prepare a bottle of red or white wine, depending on what you are eating. Red wines pair best with steak and other meats, while white is better on summer evenings and go with lighter foods like shrimp or salads. If you like a more casual meal, beer is fine too.

After you’ve chosen a drink, settle on some simple appetizers. You don’t want to spend an hour sipping your drinks and standing around waiting for food. Although preparing food together is fun, it won’t be much so if you’re both too hungry. With a few simple appetizers or simple treats that are easy to assemble, you will get your meal off on the right foot.

Your main course should be something simple that doesn’t require a lot of preparation – or something you prepared earlier in the day, so it only takes about 45 minutes or so to finish. If you’re making homemade pizza, start dinner with all the ingredients and your oven preheated, this way you will only need to put everything together.

Here are some other things to consider when choosing your main course:

  1. Chicken and vegetables are a good choice for a romantic dinner at home. Make sure to prepare the chicken in advance so you don’t take too much time.
  2. Baked salmon with rice and brussels sprouts is another good option for your home-cooked meal.
  3. If you choose pasta instead of messier spaghetti or fettuccine, choose penne pasta, tortellini, orzo, or ravioli, which are easier to eat.
  4. Don’t cook with too much garlic or onions, or it won’t feel as romantic after dinner. The same goes for foods that are too rich and creamy.

Instead of preparing an elaborate dessert, just grab some cupcakes from your favourite bakery or put ice cream in the freezer and serve with whipped cream and a handful of berries.

Romantic Dinner in garden

One Week Before

Now is the time to decide on the location. Even though we are talking about an apartment you might have several options. For example, you can always eat in the garden if you have one. This can be very romantic if the season is right and if you have a nice bug-free garden. You can also eat in the kitchen, but then you have to hurry to clean everything up and make it look nice. If you can, choose a place where you don’t normally eat, so the night feels special. If you have a “fancy” dining table that you never use, now is the time.

Deciding on location a week before will ensure that you can prepare the place beforehand.

Two Days Before

Romantic decorations are an important part of this evening. Flowers, rose petals and unscented candles will do the trick – you have lots of options and just need to be creative. Remember that candles are essential for a romantic dinner, light several candles and place them on or next to the table. Flowers like elegant roses are almost as important. They look really good whether it’s something extravagant or simple. Remember that you can look at each other across the table.

If candles can be bought in most stores, flowers can be a bit more difficult especially if you have something special in mind. Find the store that sells what you want a few days before and buy the flowers on the day in question. Alternatively, get a bouquet from a flower delivery service.

The Day Before

Do not forget to choose what you are going to wear. Dress as if you’re going out to dinner. You need casual but nice clothes that look new and attractive. Your partner will appreciate the effort, and the night will feel even more special. Make sure you decide on a dress code with your partner before the date so that you both look equant.

The Day Of

If everything goes right, all necessary preparations will be done beforehand. On the day of your romantic dinner, you will only need to get the flowers and cook the food. Turn off your phones, the TV, and the radio and focus only on each other.


  • What can I cook for my lover?

Ideally, you know your partner’s favourite food and will cook it yourself. If it is way above your culinary skill, go for something simple like chicken and salad.

  • What is the most romantic food?

Deserts are often romantic. And let’s be honest, many of our minds jump to strawberries dipped in chocolate when we think of the most romantic food.

  • What is the best food for couples?

Finger food is probably the best. It does not distract you too much from each other and it is much more romantic to feed your partner.

  • What is a romantic dinner?

A beautifully prepared meal and a couple in love seating in front of each other. Having candles and flowers on a table is optional but recommended.

  • What foods make you feel in love?

People say that some foods are aphrodisiacs, often these include oysters, bananas, asparagus, and chocolate.