Planning The Greatest Girl’s Night Out Ever: A Straightforward Guide

With the days getting longer and the sun starting to peak through the grey haze, which usually envelops the UK, it’s a sign that the winter months are waning. And with it, a new itinerary of activities for you, your family, and your closest girlfriends to participate in together.

However, even though the warmer months promise much fun, sometimes nothing is better than going on a fun girls night with your closest girl pals. Soaking up the sun with good food, a refreshing beverage, and surrounded by the best company – summer can’t get much better. 

But no matter whether it’s been years or months since your last girly get-together, in between picking a date and getting the whole squad together for the perfect girls night, it can be challenging to organise a high-quality night out. 

But fret not! This straightforward girls night ideas is everything you must do to ensure you’re staying connected and your girlfriends have the most fabulous girl’s night out ever. From choosing the ideal location and eating a substantial meal before you go out to stocking up on Elf Bars and limiting your alcohol consumption -we outline it all. So, grab your planner and a cheeky glass of wine and start planning your girls night! 

Line Your Stomach Before Heading Out

Let’s face it when we’re headed for a guilty pleasure night, all we can think about is letting our hair down with a fruity little cocktail in hand. However, if you want to last all night, it is essential that you line your stomach with something yummy before letting the drinks flow. Before the party starts, decide on a restaurant for you and your friends to meet in for dinner before moving on to your next activity.

If you and the girls are planning on making it a long night out, some of the best things to eat/drink before drinking are fresh fruit juices, kombucha, healthy fats like salmon, and avocado, vegetables, spices like turmeric, Asian cuisine like sushi, stir-fry, ramen, and of course drinking lots of water! 

Although there is no fool-proof perfect way to ensure that you don’t have a hangover the following day, some foods are renowned for lessening its impact, whereas others are renowned for making you feel even worse the next day (yes, we’re looking at you, McDonald’s!). As much as we might wrinkle our noses at the thought of being bloated on the dancefloor, you’ll thank yourself the next day! 

Having a good laugh while spending quality time on a girls night
Having a good laugh while spending quality time on a girls night

Be Sensible About Your Alcohol Consumption

On every night out you go on, there is always that one person who has had too many of the signature cocktail or tequila shots, either being propped up by the bar or sitting outside sobbing on the pavement while their friends try in vain to console them. It’s an unspoken rule that nobody in your friendship group wants to end up like this individual. Fortunately, one way to ensure that neither of you does end up like this unfortunate person is to be sensible about your alcohol consumption. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking: jog on! We’d feel the same if someone told us how much to drink when surrounded by some of our closest companions. However, as good as it feels to let your hair down occasionally, it doesn’t seem worth it when you are told about every embarrassing little thing you did the previous night (accompanied by a pounding headache!). 

Save yourself the embarrassment and limit yourself to one drink every half an hour or every hour if you’re particularly sensitive to the effects of alcohol! You could break up your drinks by having a soft drink in-between each alcoholic beverage or start on the long drinks like beer and cider before moving on to the shorts! 

According to health professionals, you shouldn’t regularly exceed fourteen units of alcohol per week, so having a wild night with your closest girl pals is okay now and again. It is essential that you don’t go overboard too often to ensure that you maintain the highest levels of energy, health, and – of course – money! 

Don’t Forget Your Vape Pen Or Cigarettes

Nothing is worse than being on a ultimate girls night with your best pals and reaching into your purse to discover an empty cigarette packet. Or being mid-puff, and your Elf Bar starts blinking. And let’s face it; nobody wants to be that person who goes around everyone in the smoking area of the local bar asking if anyone can spare a cigarette or having to borrow your friend’s vape pen every hour. 

Avoid this by packing your purse; if you know you’re going out, pack another disposable vape pen with the one you’re currently using. Even if you don’t use it, it’s better to have it in your purse as a backup than wish you had packed another. Likewise, with cigarette paraphernalia, ensure you have enough filters, rolling papers, and lighter fluid to last you throughout the night. 

The last thing you want to be doing towards the end of the night is having to leave all your friends to go and source a new vape pen and lighter. Not only eat into the time your spending with your friends but can also cost you much more money than it would if you had bought it in advance from independent smoke shops like Grey Haze

Retailing everything vape-related, from elf bars and mods to e-liquids and vape tanks, they have everything you need to stock up on before heading out with the girls. Consider visiting their website to browse their entire catalogue of vape products, read product reviews from satisfied customers, and much more. 

Wine tasting photo
There are fun ideas for the next girls night that are so much fun

Decide What You’re Going To Get Up To

When you and the girls were younger, you might have rocked up at the nearest club, and that sufficed as the ultimate girls night. However, as you’ve matured and led different lives, you might want to spend your time together on a more laid back girls night, like an old school sleepover, a spa night, scavenger hunt, tea party, pyjama party, food tour, wine tasting, an escape room, or doing a fun activity (while keeping the cocktails flowing!). 

Fortunately, there are loads of group activities you can all participate in while on a ladies night out that are safe! Whether you’d like to challenge your closest friends to a movie night, game night or a couple of laps around a go-kart course or to see who can score the most bullseyes while axe-throwing, there are loads of fun things you can do that don’t just involve bar crawling. 

Although it’s probably best if you press pause on the drinks until after doing high-energy girls night games activities like go-karting or axe-throwing, there are plenty of awesome activities to do with a drink in hand, such as crazy golf, karaoke, bowling, and much more! Regardless of what you and your gal pals get up to, having a game plan is essential to ensure you’re not all trying to decide what to do on the night. 

Planning ahead also allows you to explore different options and consider all of your friend’s ideas, whereas if you leave it until the actual night, your options are much more limited. For instance, you might have decided on mini-golf, a pampering session, the theatre, or facials, but if you don’t book it in advance and leave it until the last minute, you could find that there are no available slots left and might end up doing something a member of your party didn’t want to do.