How to Save Money on Beauty Products

The best way to save money on beauty and fragrance products is to know when and where you can find the biggest and best deals. With so many places to shop online and social media promotional giveaways, it’s easy to miss out which makes finding those savings on makeup and beauty products difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve researched how to save money on makeup and beauty products so will pass on our best money saving tips.

Shop discounts

Don’t assume that just because a product is marked down it’s a good deal and saving money. Some companies increase their prices before adding a sale price to give the illusion of a good deal.

Also, watch out for discount codes by following your favourite brands of makeup products on social media and be on their email list. They will likely do flash sales which can mean you could buy early and stockpile rather than being forced to pay more when you run out and need it for your beauty routine.

And shop around, you can use price comparison websites that scrape popular sites but these are likely getting an affiliate payment on any sales you make so might not be the best deal. It’s just as easy to search the product yourself too as some retailers you don’t follow might have a great sale on.

save money on makeup

How to use discount codes

Discount codes, promo codes, sales; whatever you call them, they’re a great way to save big bucks while buying your favourite beauty products. And they are used by most online retailers as pat of their marketing strategy.

Discount codes pros use various websites or apps that aggregate voucher deals from hundreds of retailers so you don’t have to search for them all over the web. Obviously a retailer can stop a discount code at any point but the good sites regularly get updated.

Just check out sites like Ansa for discount codes on everything from high-street stores and big names like Boots, Look Fantastic, Superdrug, Feel Unique, the Body Shop, Notino, Harvey Nichols and many more.

Buy gift cards and use them later

Buying gift cards is one of my favourite ways to save money. By waiting until Black Friday or a holiday sale, you can pick up gift cards at an even greater discount (and they’re easier than ever to use now that retailers let you redeem them through their mobile apps).

This way, if you see something you want later but it’s not available at a physical location near you, you can just order it online later with your gift card. Not only will it be cheaper than buying it right away, but many times there are extra benefits attached that make doing so worthwhile.

Get free shipping from your local stores

Many beauty brands offer free shipping within the UK on orders over a certain basket value. If you can’t find your favourite products at retailers in your local area, check to see if they ship to you for free once it’s available. If not, look for online stores that provide free delivery.

Save Money on Beauty Products with loyalty cards
Save money on beauty products with loyalty cards

Make use of loyalty schemes and free samples

Big companies like Boots and Debenhams not only have a points based loyalty card, but they often have free sample giveaways. If you are on a tight budget these might help see you through. Even if it’s not your favourite luxury brands, free makeup and hair care products is better than cheap knockoffs.

Look for Price Match Guarantees

Big brands sell to retailers on wholesale deals, and sometimes will accept lower than RRP to clear stock. There’s no harm in making offers, and you may even find this available from reputable retailers on sites like Ebay and Depop where they are happy to clear excess stock and makeup products at clearance prices.

Use cashback credit cards for the purchase

Many credit cards have some sort of incentive for using them for your purchases instead of your dent cards. If you are disciplined and do not spend beyond your means and always pay these off in full, you can get rewards for your daily spend.