Mens Shoe Trends Dominating Street Style

While timeless style always exists in the fashion world, with certain pieces never leaving popularity, the trends that become popular year to year are noticeably different. Some years you might feel compelled to jump aboard the style train and recreate them yourself, while other years, you couldn’t be paid enough money to wear it. 

The same applies to the world of footwear, and while trends move at a snail’s pace compared to the constant chop and change in the clothing world, each year presents some sort of new wave pushing itself into popularity. So it might be mens sandals NZ or house slippers. Either way, it never hurts to move your comfort zone a little bit further. 

Commando Soles

They are rugged, chunky, extraordinarily comfortable and leaps and bounds easier to wear than their leather counterparts. The commando sole increasingly appears in popular and familiar silhouettes like Chelsea boots and loafers. 

While traditionally found on the battlefield, this design is breathing new life into classic styles and sleek looks with masculine energy and bolder finishes. They can be styled like regular loafers or boots, paired with suits or tailored pants and button-downs, but with an edgy twist. 

Nike Air Max: Mens Shoe Trends for street style
Nike air max are a classic trainer for a good reason

The Returning Air Max

The Air Max 1 is a piece of design history and a fairly important one. Initially designed by the iconic Tinker Hatfield, it was the first Nike sneaker to feature a visible ‘air’ cushioning under the shoe’s sole making it iconic in sneaker culture.

Over the past few seasons, these historic sneakers have repeatedly reappeared on the runaways and mens shoe trends lists, featuring in various collaborations with designers around the world. However, its popularity never seems to fade, and investing in a pair for your closet will give you a pair of shoes that will never be out of style.


Loafers are a shoe trend that is repeated every single year. The perfect combination of style and comfort, loafers are a versatile footwear option all year round and suitable for nearly any social occasion. 

They are traditionally made with leather, faux leather, or suede, giving them a sleek and high fashion finish. They can be paired with fitted jeans, tailored pants, suits, and shorts. Get them in a dark neutral tone to maximise their use. 

House Shoes

House shoes might scream ‘grandpa,’ but this unassuming footwear style is gaining popularity outside the home and in fashion magazines. Granted, their rise to stardom has been primarily influenced by the increased culture of working from home and prioritising comfort over style. 

And because they represent function over fashion, keep this in mind when styling them. They need to be paired with clothes that push the same message, like joggers, hoodies or slouchy knitwear. 

oxford shoes
Oxford shoes are the ultimate smart casual dress code

The Classic Oxford

Like loafers, some shoe trends will never disappear. Another variation to add to this list are the classic oxford shoe. Designed to be the epitome of style and sophistication, this formal footwear choice oozes class and looks best with elegant styling. 

However, more and more people are attempting to mix things up by pairing them with looser fitting, more casual items like jeans, polo necks and wide-leg tailored pants. It certainly pushes the envelope of what is most widely accepted regarding these timeless classics, but the fashion world is fluid and constantly changing. 

‘Dad’ Trainers

Walk into any fashion event over the past 2-3 years, and the footwear styling will make you feel like you have entered the dad shoes convention. Functional sneakers that put practicality over design have roared back into popularity since the pandemic days and are only getting stronger.

Styling these bad boys is relatively straightforward. You want to be laidback, relaxed, and the epitome of comfort. The challenge will be finding the line between pairing fashionable pieces to make a statement but not too dressy that it looks disjointed and out of place. Take note of how your favourite fashion influencers style them to pull it off.

colourful trainers
colourful trainers are on trend in AW22

Alternative Colours

A classic white sneaker or black leather loafer will never go out of fashion. But the days of sticking to neutral tones and versatile colours seem to be heading out the door. Instead, bright, bold statement colours are beginning to pop up in street fashion, which can be a fun way to express your personality. 

For the best effect, make your shoes the statement of your outfit and your clothes with a neutral background will be an excellent place to start. However, with too many contrasting colours, your outfit will feel more like a pencil case and less like an outfit you put in the effort to create. 


Along with bright new colours, bold patterns and intricate designs are making their way onto shoes and hopefully into your closet. Like colours, it is a clever way of including something different and unique in your finish looks. 

But also, like colours, too many contrasting patterns become too busy to look at, and it can be confusing to figure out what you were hoping to achieve. So make your shoes the show’s star and highlight their uniqueness instead of letting them get lost in a sea of effects. It will put you at the top of the style pyramid amongst your friendship group.