6 Best Video Maker Software of 2022

Video Content is the most engaging form of content consumed in recent years. A well-created video can leave a lasting impression in the minds of its audience with an increasingly diminishing attention span. And, what better way of business survival than having a large digital audience consuming and responding to your marketing tactics.

If you wish to stay in the top loop, you need to plan your every move like a top player. And that includes making an active presence, be it on social media, websites, YouTube channels, or simply your advertisement campaigns. The answer to all of these lies in creating, editing, and designing beautiful videos.

It would eventually help you achieve your business goals. Well, editing isn’t even partly difficult as you assumed. The presence of the best video maker software has made it easy even for an amateur to create videos.

Man editing colours with Video Maker Software

With tons of video maker software available on the Internet, it’s natural for you to get confused. Well, let’s make the task easier for you. We have compiled a list of the 6 best video maker software in our view that shall make your 2022 a lot easier and creative.

And most importantly, this is the list of free editing software. Of course, the paid versions for the same are available too. You can easily upgrade your choices for a small sum of money.

But before we jump to the list, let’s briefly glance over the points that you should consider while choosing a video maker software.

  • Types of video files you would be editing.
  • Type of your operating system.
  • Your understanding of editing features.
  • Proficiency in editing videos.
  • Types of videos you would be creating.
  • Transition features you would be requiring.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, the objective of editing those videos. The purpose could be anything, like editing social media content, YouTube videos or creating an embedded video for your website.

With clear ideas, you can go ahead and choose the editing software that works best for you.

Editing Video On Computer

So, let’s get started.

  1. InVideo

InVideo offers as many as 5000 and more templates that allow you to edit your videos in less than 10 minutes. This intuitive video maker makes the task of editing and creating marketing videos easy even for first-timers. Just step in with a purpose, and you would get everything from templates to editing tools to voice-overs in a go.

It’s easy to create videos in a few minutes, quite literally. InVideo is perfect for creating quick social media stories and posts that would capture the attention of millions. You can create multiple attractive video stories in just about seconds at any of your operating systems. 

  1. Movie Maker

It’s a perfect video maker software for beginners. You can edit the videos online and export the video to your desired platform. You can add music, titles, and credits to the videos with an easy-to-use animation tab. It allows you to add captions to your videos and is perfect for making YouTube tutorials and step-by-step instructional guides.  It’s free, user-friendly, and the perfect editing software for windows.

  1. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is your perfect editing software if you have experience in editing. This production tool offers excellent features, including colour correction, visual effects, and auto-syncing of audiovisual clips.

It has a set of advanced features that may be slightly complex for an amateur, but for a pro video editor, they are exceptional. What’s more, it is all free of cost. The feature that attracts us the most is its high-performance playback engine which allows for online and offline editing by saving you a lot of time.

  1. WeVideo

WeVideo has a stock of more than a million stock videos, images, and music assets. It allows you to transport your videos in 4K and offers you to edit videos with screen recording, animated texts, and a green screen. It’s easy to operate on all operating devices and offers you free and paid plans to choose from.

This cloud-based platform stores your videos on the cloud, and you are never at risk of losing them again. Whether you are an amateur trying your hands-on video editing for the first time or an advanced pro trying to enhance your skill sets, WeVideo is a perfect video maker tool for you.

  1. Shotcut

Shotcut is a cross-platform video editor with a vast collection of tutorial videos for new users. It supports the latest audio-video formats and is a top-notch video editor with a quirky interface. It offers advanced audio filters like balance, bandpass filters, compressors, and others for free.

The tool allows multiple mix and match resolutions and frame rates within a video. Shotcut is the most appropriate tool you would need for audiophiles. It’s absolutely free and a disposable tool you would need for creating those YouTube and tutorial videos.

  1. Lightworks

The simple and intuitive interface of Lightworks makes it the ideal choice for beginners editing. It allows you to create polished marketing videos by using its stock of stock videos. These videos are licensed and can be used on its platform.

Features like speed optimization, multicam editing, easy sharing, and real-time project sharing allow you to create, share and export marketing videos easily. Its pro version is quite effective for making professional-looking videos in minutes.

Wrapping up

The list covers everything from software with basic features to advanced features. You can choose the one that suits your competency. All you need to do is take your first step. Once you get the hang of it, you will have a dashboard of videos for professional use in no time.

Be it YouTube, social media, or websites, you don’t always need a professional to create videos for you. With a good video maker software, anyone can create videos and add a professional touch to them. So start right away. Choose from these maker software and get a booming start for 2022.