2021 fashion brand collabs you need in your wardrobe

Whether you’ve bought from them before or not, you’re sure to have heard of a few fashion brand collabs. With retailers and high-end designers partnering up to make their clothing more accessible to the masses, you’ll want to make sure you’ve budgeted for purchases like this as they’re often collections not to be missed!

Here are some of the top fashion collaborations 2021 has to offer:

Outerwear: The North Face x Gucci

Puffer coats have become the larger than life, must-have piece for many. If you’re a fan yourself, then the partnership between The North Face and Gucci won’t let you down. Infused with a ‘70s style design and blended perfectly with The North Face’s performance-driven and practical features, you’ll look stylish and be cosy wherever you go.

Womenswear: Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer

For some class and style with a big pop of colour, look no further than this exciting collaboration. The Swiss artist has returned for a second partnership with Louis Vuitton, and you won’t be disappointed. Featuring sportswear, shoes, small leather goods and several special-edition bags, Fischer’s new hand-drawn design will ensure you’re seen from miles around. We predict this will be a highlight of 2021 fashion trends.

2021 fashion brand collabs you need in your wardrobe

Streetwear: Levi’s x BAPE

Hailed to be the ultimate streetwear collaborations, this is the third instalment of this epic partnership. The global launch saw Levi’s Type III Split Trucker jacket in a multitude of colourways, ensuring that you’d well and truly stand out from the crowd. With patchwork western shirts, monogrammed cotton t-shirts and accessories galore, the new drop is definitely one to watch.

Menswear: H&M x Simone Rocha

Bringing the Irish designer on board is set to shake up H&M’s 2021 collections. This partnership is the first time Simone has ventured into menswear, and it’s set to be epic. Although the collection and designs have been kept heavily under wraps, it sees Rocha pay homage to Tudor courtiers and comes with a big dose of tartan, beading and florals. Created from bespoke fabrications, developed in-house for ultimate exclusivity, it’s a must-have collection for any fashion-conscious gent. It’s our one to watch of the brand collaborations 2021.

Athleisure-luxe: Nasty Gal x Sports Illustrated

You read that right, rumour has it of a collab between Nasty Gal and Sports Illustrated. We hope this is true!

Vegan: Paio x Gabriella Demetriades

Vegan footwear brand Paio have always been one to get their designs just right. In their latest collaboration with designer Gabriella Demetriades, they’ve given themselves a huge on-trend update thanks to her keen creative eye. Think print thong sandals, candy-coloured sculpted heels and cushion-soft lilac flats, all perfect for welcoming the spring and summer months.

Honourable mentions for other fashion collabs in 2021 go to Hype x Lego Ninjago and Hype x E.T. And there are rumours of a Leo Messi x Sik Silk collab that will take streetwear to the next level.

What is a Fashion Collaboration?

This is when a high street brand collaborates with luxury fashion designers to maximise exposure and hype through their mutual networks and making the product more affordable for the average consumer. Much like a Venn diagram, there will be an overlap of fans of both brands, but there will be an increased cross over of new customers.

Fashion Collabs tend to have great commercial success when done correctly. Stussy is a great example of a brand more known for its collaborations than everything else.

A comparison would be in music where the likes of Ed Sheeran has worked with a host of major stars to top the charts, gaining new fans from the singles.

Collaborations are important in fashion as they are an ideal way to gain new customers, but importantly deliver a capsule collection that is fresh and different to the normal designs. With limited editions and quantities, they sell out fast which drives the hype. The key to any brand success is new reach, audiences and improved image.

Fashion brand collaborations are most successful when there is enough of a link between the two brands with a high-low cobranding balance, where high-end labels can sell their luxury label at an affordable price.

The collab can sometimes be with an influencer or celebrity, where they might have design input but mostly using their fanbase to showcase the product for a percentage of sales.

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