Bar stools: Send your state-side family the perfect house warming or wedding gift

Do you have family living in the United States that you want to send an unusual gift? Bar stools are not something you would normally give as a gift, but there are some instances in which they could be the very gift the couple or family remembers and uses for many years.

The best occasions to get your family barstools as a gift are:

  • House a warming gift or wedding gift when the new home has a breakfast bar, kitchen island, or a bar in the den or rec room
  • As a holiday gift to compliment a recent kitchen remodel with added kitchen island
  • As a birthday gift to be used in a new recreational addition such as a den or entertainment room
  • As an anniversary gift for use in a newly redesigned den or rec room

Regardless of whether the need for barstools is current, planned, scheduled, or in the works, they are a gift that makes a statement that won’t be forgotten. And with barstools with free USA delivery, it costs no more to send your family bar stools in place of a similarly priced, and more traditional, gift.

Bar stools in a kitchen

But you don’t want to get someone furniture they already have, and if they have been in their home for some time they probably already have barstools. However, if they have mentioned wanting new barstools they will likely be welcoming the new addition to their home furniture collection.

If you noticed during a visit or through pictures that their barstools are a bit worse for wear, it could be safe to give them barstools as a gift. But when you really can’t tell if someone would welcome barstools or not, ask someone else in their household or inner circle who can shed light on whether or not the stools would be welcome by the recipient.

Even if someone in the household is already in the know about the gift, there is always the chance that the barstools won’t be quite right for their home. There could be a miscommunication or misunderstanding about the seat height, back height, and other necessary dimensions. The barstools might be welcome and appreciated, but that doesn’t mean there’s a guarantee that they will fit.

Before you jump in and start shopping for barstools, check the furniture website’s refund and exchange policy. Ideally, a gift of any type of furniture should be exchangeable with stools of the same price but in different styles and designs than the one you purchased for them.

Try to team up with the recipient’s spouse, children, or others with intimate knowledge of their home. This will make it more likely that the barstools will be of the appropriate height and style to work with the bar or breakfast counter and their existing room décor.

American bar stools in games room

What is an American Bar Stool?

An American Bar Stool is a chair that is used for sitting at a bar, counter, or table. They are usually made of metal and have four legs. The seat may be round or square, depending on the design.

The History of American Bar Stools

The American Bar Stool is a classic piece of furniture that has been around for over 150 years. The stool was originally designed to sit at the counter in bars and taverns across America. The stools were made of steel, wrought iron or wood with no seat, but offered a comfortable place to rest your feet while you waited for your drink.

Today, American Bar Stools are seen everywhere from pubs and restaurants to homes and apartments. They offer their owners easy seating at any table, bar or countertop. They also offer a touch of country style in any deign scheme.

Bar stool cushions

A bar stool cushion is a great accessory for any stool. Place the cushion on the seat of the stool to provide extra comfort while resting or sitting.

If you have an American Bar Stool in your kitchen, or dining room, make sure it has a cushion to make it more comfortable when sitting down and eating dinner. You can find many different styles and colours, so finding the perfect one shouldn’t be difficult.

Some people like to add a touch of colour to their home with bright and fun bar stool cushions that will jazz up any space.


An American Bar Stool is an essential part of any kitchen, bar, or restaurant. Not only do they provide a place to sit and enjoy a beverage, but they also serve as a storage space for barware and other kitchenware. For this reason, they make a perfect gift for the home chef.