Tips for Building a Boutique Dresser in Your Home

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous dresser to get gorgeous in front of? You can make every morning routine the preamble to a photoshoot with a decent dresser.

But why stop there? We’re outlining how you can have the dresser of your dreams, plus how you can build your entire room around it with Herringbone flooring, industrial lights and other little touches. Read on for all the details.

Getting the dresser

Whether you’re building it or buying it, there are a few things you’ll want to look out for with dressers.

The first is storage. Even the most frugal of us have a collection of make-up items we never can get rid of. And even if you haven’t, it’s useful to have a collection of drawers that can store your underwear, bras, and other general knickknacks.

And of course, there’s style. A solid wood dresser is a timeless classic and you can find them handed into furniture charity stores if you need a smaller price tag.

dressing room

Decorating the rest

Now we’ll need to build around it. There is no point in sitting at the dresser of your dreams with stuff that won’t fit in the loft still sitting around you. So, gut the place, and we can get down to the fun part: the décor.

If you’re daydreaming about brushing your hair to the birds chirping like Cinderella, you might want a style that evokes a lot of nature. You can sit your dresser in front of the window and let the natural light illuminate you, which will need to bounce off some very light tones to have the full effect. Fill the place with plants to help you relax and add some mesh curtains that will float in the breeze.

If you’re looking for something glamourous, maybe you want to feel like an Old Hollywood star before they’re ready for their close up, you can’t go wrong with Herringbone flooring. The patterned parquet flooring makes for a beautifully sophisticated touch that will instantly upgrade your room.

Add some deep jewel colours to the walls with gold-framed artwork for an art deco look, which is all about luxury, or add a brown faux leather pouffe to sit in front of your dresser, and an industrial camera light for a warmer but still modern look.

The finishing touches

The most important element in your boutique dressing room, beyond the dresser itself, will be your lighting. As mentioned, you can use the natural light coming in your window, or even an industrial light for some style, but it’s important for your look to get the best light possible. So maybe you should look into a ring light. Hang it from your dresser to assure yourself that you are not orange, or your foundation doesn’t stop suddenly at your neck.

Looking this good takes a while though, so you might want to add some comfort and entertainment. Add a Bluetooth speaker so that you can dance in your underwear or hear some true-crime before you leave and put a squishy chair in there so that someone can give advice on what outfit to wear.