Wedding Stationery Tips Couples Must Know

For most couples, much of the journey towards planning a wedding will usually be completed with the following: venue, entertainment, cake, and flowers. They’ll be booked in advance to help avoid the pressure of time crunches. As a result, it’ll require a creative imagination before the special day itself. The personalised stationery you will use for your wedding serves to honour the engagement’s milestones, and through these notes, you’ll be able to have your guests carry the anticipation, excitement, and joy of the celebration.

Selecting the ideal wedding stationery — and understanding the perfect time to send them out — may seem perplexing and daunting at first. However, it’s not as complicated as you might think. So read through our guide for some helpful tips.

Start with the theme

The wedding stationery will precede many of the other elements of your special day and give guests a glimpse into your plans. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with your chosen art pieces or plant some subtle clues into the wording, the stationery you choose is an excellent way to convey your personality, creativity, and chosen theme. Don’t forget that elegance generally hinges on execution, so consider hiring the professional services of one whose expertise lies in invitation printing. Most specialists use printing presses and hand-finishing methods to create elegant and timeless products.

Beyond having invitations that will impress your guests, the use of professional services will help save you the stress of doing it yourself. First, however, be sure to research companies that can deliver the bespoke work you need. Doing so will enable you to add your personal touch without having to distract your focus from your other wedding-related tasks.

wedding stationary example

Include all essential information

Even with an excellent design, your wedding stationery will fail if it lacks all the essential information that your guests need. With that in mind, be sure you include the details below:

  • The name of the bride and groom.
  • The time and date of the celebration.
  • The location of the reception and ceremony.
  • The requested attire.

All other additional details, such as accommodations or parking, RSVP, and directions, should be on separate wedding stationery or your website if you have one. By ensuring that the information on the invitation is concise and clear, your wedding’s details won’t be overlooked. Furthermore, keeping it simple will prevent it from looking cluttered and cramped.

Send them out early

It’s a rule of thumb for couples to give their guests enough time to plan and prepare for the special day. This is especially true for those who live outside the country and will need to make any travel arrangements. The same goes for those with kids who will have to hire a babysitter on the wedding day. So be sure to send the invitations at least two to three months in advance.


The wedding stationery tends to take a backseat over many other elements of a wedding, but it’s more important than it’s given credit for. So follow these tips to ensure that you’re able to get everything you need out of your wedding stationery.