Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Last Updated on 6th April 2024

All healthy relationships go through their ups and downs and take a lot of work and commitment to change and adapt with your partner. There are steps to take to build a healthy relationship with you and your partner, whether your relationship is just starting or you’ve been together for many years.

Each relationship is different and people come together for different reasons but sharing what you want the relationship to be like and what direction you want it to go towards will partly define the common goals of a healthy relationship.

The common characteristics for a healthy relationship include maintaining an emotional connection with each other, not being afraid to respectfully disagree, maintaining outside interests and preserving relationships with family/friends and communicating honestly and openly.

Communication is Key

Communication is key towards maintaining a great relationship with your other half. Positive emotional connections can be maintained as well as creating happiness and emotional security. It is important to communicate your feelings constantly and many things can put a strain on your connection.

An example could be continual communication about your sex life and how you would like to be pleased in different ways in bed. Maybe for you, you would like to experiment with sex toys but are too shy to ask your partner. All communication is good communication.

Keeping Physical Intimacy Alive

A healthy sexual relationship goes a long way in helping a couple stay together. Being fulfilled, when sharing intimate moments, can include many different emotions, but it should also imply for both parties to reach pleasure equally. If you are body conscious,  wearing lingerie can do wonders for self-confidence.

Of course, over time relationships intimacy can deteriorate which is why some introduce toys for couples to spice up relationships. We would always suggest you slowly introduce these inline with your comfort levels. This can strengthened your relationships and can have health benefits too.

Healthy Relationship

Doing Activities Together to build a healthy relationship

Another way of keeping your bond strong is taking part in activities together that you both enjoy. This could range from working out, taking long walks or volunteering for a charitable cause. You could even do activities that you would hate to do alone such as cleaning your house, shopping or running errands. It’s a fun way to connect and keeps things exciting and interesting in your relationship. Just make sure that both of you are ready and willing to do the activities together.

Going on Holidays

Travelling together or separately is a great way to unwind and discover new cultures, languages and environments. It is a great way to enjoy what life outside your home has to offer. If you travel together, you have someone with who you can enjoy the experiences together with but many happy and healthy couples take holidays separately and return to their partners feeling stress-free and energized.

Keeping Your Anger in Check Before Going to Bed

Anger leads to stress in life which can ultimately lead to you suffering from a long-term illness so it’s best to avoid going to bed when you feel frustrated and angry. Always talk about your problems with your partner before you go to bed as it is the best time to sort out your differences. If you don’t the problems keeping you awake when you’re trying to get some shut-eye. Always make sure you talk calmly and concisely to avoid escalating the problem, and if physical intimacy is not possible, there are other ways to relieve the stress.

The Final Say

Every couple has their various ups and downs but to keep your relationship strong and healthy throughout life’s obstacles, you will need to stay committed and keep pushing that extra mile. A healthy sexual relationship goes a long way in helping a couple stay together.