11 Crucial Things Every Girl Must Keep in Her Car

Last Updated on 18th January 2021

A woman must always be ready. If you got up late one day and have to go to work, it is very useful to have an accessory in your car, as it will save you from any trouble.

As a girl, finding ourselves in the rut is one thing we hate dearly. We need to get rid of all the anxiety that comes with the rush; that is why, as a lady, there are things you should have in your vehicles.

  1. Beauty and Makeup Bag

Putting on makeup is one of the tasks that we take the most minutes before going out. And if for different reasons, you did not have time, you can do it once you arrive at your destination or before driving off with the car kit. Even if it is not as important how we look when driving, you should have a small bag with the essential makeup products close at hand.

  1. Cell Phone Charger

It also happens and a lot. You forget to charge your cell phone at night, the charger fell off, and you didn’t realize it, or you spent all day watching movies, and you don’t even have a 1% battery. Take a car charger. You will appreciate it in any rush.

  1. Car Support

You never know what can happen during a drive or a trip. Even if you have some car tools but are you sure you can use them professionally?

Ensure you have car insurance, which provides roadside assistance to make your life easy. If the insurance of your car doesn’t include roadside assistance, then go for the breakdown cover that offers 24 hours roadside rescue and can also fix the minor car issue on the spot. If you are a young lady (under 25 years), then young driver insurance is the perfect option for your car.

  1. Spare Key of your house

Many people don’t see this as necessary, but having a spare key in your car comes in handy a lot. Instead of having to break in your own house, or disturbing the neighbourhood, you can grab your spare key from your car and save yourself and others the stress.

  1. Go With Your Breath Fresheners

Imagine after a great lunch, you’ve just had some of your favourite Chinese dishes with garlic. The dish was nice, but you don’t want to move around with the reek of garlic through the day. With a breath freshener in your car, you can eat whatever you want and still have a fresh.

  1. Deodorant

It has happened to all of us at some point: we completely forgot to put on deodorant, or it stopped working, and we literally stink. So you better bring a deodorant in the car.

  1. Blazer

If you leave your house in a hurry with a not-very-formal dress, a blazer will always make you look more elegant for different occasions. Always have one in your car, inside a protector, so it does not get dirty.

  1. Cash

Even if you can now pay by card almost everywhere, you should have a certain amount of cash – Especially when driving across the border, or even going to a party, or on a date. Cash always comes in handy. So have some change and bills on hand. Otherwise, it makes sense to have both a credit card and cash with you.

car supplies

  1. First Aid Kit

As funny or irrelevant as it might sound, it never hurts to bring a kit to treat anything that may happen. Check the basics items needed and always have them in the trunk of your car.

  1. Get Your Sun Shades

Remember the last time you were driving to your friend’s house and you end up being blinded by the sun? It’s dangerous when driving, causes headache, and even irritates your eyes. With a sunglass in your car, you can move both with style and still be protected.

  1. Go With Your Period Protection

I’ve been there, and I know you have to; your period decides to show up a few days early, and you’re not prepared. This is no joke. To save yourself from anxiety when it happens again, make sure you have the necessary kits in your car. It’s your closest reach at all times.

They say a woman’s car can easily be differentiated from a man’s car because we move with a thousand and one things. Well, they are necessary things. You shouldn’t be caught off guard as a lady. A man can find his way around, but as a lady, you need to be prepared. The above list of things will go a long way in saving you a lot of stress and time.