How to plan the perfect proposal

After nearly a year and a half at home, some of us are desperate to start celebrating life again. And with celebrations comes engagements, weddings and fantastic honeymoons. Many relationships were fast-tracked in lockdown as couples moved in together much faster than usual. People got to know each other on a much deeper level, and in some cases, this led to more serious commitment.

The key to a great proposal is getting the best answer to your question. Of course, you can do a few things to make the moment as special and personal as possible. Here are a few ideas on how to plan the perfect proposal for you and your partner.


Choosing a luxury restaurant is a great idea for any proposal – particularly Michelin starred restaurants like Duck & Waffle or Galvin at Windows in London. London has a wonderful food scene and offers a whole host of luxury dining experiences. Enjoy your delicious food and a little wine before getting down on one knee to propose!

proposal in London

Choose the right ring

Every girl dreams of her engagement ring and how much it sparkles in the light. Diamond engagement rings are the most favoured in the UK and had a whopping 14,800 average searches in 2020. Rose gold and gemstones are also popular among younger couples, but nothing will quite beat the classic look of a silver diamond ring.

Plan the proposal

You need to have a rough idea of when you’d like to propose, where you will do it and how the evening or day will go. A little preparation can go a long way in making sure the event runs smoothly. The highest number of diamond ring searches happened in August 2020 – so maybe a summer engagement is the one for you. After all, a summer sunset is one of the most romantic backdrops for a proposal. For this who want an unique story to tell, check out our fun proposal prop ideas.

If you would like a celebration after the proposal, you may want to plan for a few people to join you. Organise a dinner with the family, a surprise party or maybe even just a few friends to meet you at a bar nearby. Celebrating with others is always so much fun!

Capture the moment

Most couples like to document their proposal with photos, videos and small treasures. Consider asking a good friend or family member to snap a pic of the proposal or hire a photographer to catch the moment perfectly. Whether it’s a family member or professional photographer, make sure the person is hidden just before the proposal so your beloved doesn’t catch on.

A proposal should be a surprise and, of course, a romantic event. And it won’t be long before you start wedding planning and trying on wedding dresses.