8 Things to Think About When Upgrading to a New Mobile

Last Updated on 23rd September 2021

It’s estimated that 95% of British households own a mobile phone. And with mobile technology advancing year upon year, it’s never been easier to get in touch with your loved ones virtually. Whether it’s to speak to friends and family, monitor your busy schedule, or keep up to date with emails, there are all kinds of reasons why you may need a mobile phone.

If your current handset has seen better days and it’s time to upgrade, there are lots of factors to take into account. To help you get the right deal, here are eight things to consider before upgrading to a new mobile device.


When looking for a new mobile, the choice available to you can seem endless. With so many providers to choose from, you need to create a budget and stick to what you can afford. If you’re after a mobile for personal use, you may want to splash out more to ensure you get a device that keeps you entertained. Whereas, for those who need a business phone, you may prefer to find the cheapest handset on the market.

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Size and Display

Once you’ve figured out your budget and know how much you have to spend, you need to take the mobile’s screen size and display into consideration. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep up with the news, play games, or watch videos, you should purchase a smartphone that has a display of 5.7 inches at a minimum. Whereas for those that want a mobile predominately for WhatsApp or to scroll through Facebook, you will be better off with a smaller screen.

There are many reasons why your mobile’s display is important too. If you suffer from eye strain with your current device, you must select a mobile that has adaptive display technology, meaning you can adjust the brightness level to one that suits you. When watching videos on your mobile, you can get an immersive viewing experience with an excellent display.


The processor is the heart of a mobile phone which determines its overall performance. When shopping for the latest mobile phone, you want a device that executes your every command and works in sync with your busy day to day life. Whether you’re sending a simple email, accessing the camera, or surfing the internet, no one wants to wait around for their phone to catch up. This is particularly important if you intend to play mobile games on your new device.

Battery Life

How many times have you charged your mobile device to find it switching off on you when you’re out and about? If the answer is too many, it’s time to upgrade. Battery life is one of the biggest things to consider when shopping for a new phone. If you go on frequent business trips, your mobile needs to be constantly switched on to keep in contact with colleagues and clients. Whether you buy a phone for business or pleasure, you need to remember that smartphones with a higher screen resolution will consume more energy, meaning their battery life won’t be as good.

Regardless of what mobile you go for, a typical battery should last between two and three years. If you find any faults with the battery life, make sure that you get in touch with the manufacturer to get it fixed. The rule of thumb is to not be fooled by the mAh (milliamps hour) number. Even if it’s high, that does not mean you will get a better battery life.

Camera Quality

If you enjoy taking photos on your mobile, it’s advisable to pick a device that has fantastic camera quality. Over recent years, smartphone manufacturers have paid more attention to camera quality and features, which can only benefit the user in the long run. Whether it’s manual modes, the number of megapixels, or special effects, there are many smartphones that are beginning to rival digital cameras.

When searching for the perfect mobile device, try not to put too much emphasis on how many megapixels the camera has. Instead, you should look into lens quality and integrated sensors. And for those who love to take a selfie, you will want to pick a mobile phone that has a front-facing camera.

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Internal Storage

If you have a smartphone, then chances are you have apps downloaded for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s listening to music, watching videos, keeping track of your online banking, or sending emails, all your apps will make up a chunk of your storage space. For your mobile to function smoothly, you need to select a device that has plenty of internal storage. If you require more, there is the option to use a MicroSD card.

Before you pick a model that has 128GB of internal storage or more, you need to have a think about how much of it you will actually use. There is no point in shelling out hundreds of pounds on a device where you don’t take advantage of your storage space. What’s more, you can use cloud services to save space and house all your important files.


One of the biggest worries many of us have is having our mobile phone stolen. If you have bought the latest model, the thought of a thief gaining access to your sensitive information and data can fill you with dread. Therefore, picking a mobile phone that comes equipped with security features like a fingerprint sensor can put your mind at ease.

In 2020, most smartphones have a face recognition feature that will make it hard for a thief to obtain your personal information. Also, many smartphones require the user to have a backup security open in addition to fingerprint sensors.

Build Quality

When on the hunt for a new mobile phone, the market tends to be split into plastic and metal builds. You may even find glass-coated devices on your search too. However, it’s advised not to opt for such a phone if you are known for dropping your device often. Even though glass-based phones may look sophisticated and swanky, they can shatter easily. On the other hand, plastic and metal-built mobiles can sustain drops from several feet. Although you can buy a case for your mobile to add an extra layer of protection, it’s advised to stick with plastic or metal.

If you’re after a new mobile phone, you need to have an idea in mind of what type of device will suit you best. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to splash out on the latest iPhone or Android model, you need to take all the points above into account before making a decision.