Brazilian Game Week Shows Best of Brazil to World

Brazilian Game Week—a project developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (Itamaraty) and Brazilian consulates and embassies across more than 20 countries—has seized the moment to showcase the Brazilian video game industry’s accomplishments and emergence as a leading innovator in the global industry.

Value of Brazilian market estimated at $1.7 billion

The Brazil Games project was conceived in 2014 by Abragames and Apex-Brasil to highlight Brazil’s excellence in the video gaming landscape over a five-day event aimed at supporting and strengthening the local gaming community.

The event kicks off [on September 24] with a focus on the economics of the Brazilian gaming industry, including its studios, financial structures, and high-level education and events spotlighting the global potential for Brazilian games.

The value of the Brazilian gaming market is estimated at $1.7 billion—only 1% of the global market. However, 72% of Brazilians play video games on various platforms—a solid foundation for Brazilian developers to build success locally and spread internationally by selling their games on global platforms such as steam deals.

The global gaming market is expected to gain momentum towards reaching a value of $545.98 billion by 2028, according to a report by Fortune Business Insights, as the rising millennial youth population drives market growth. For instance, a report from the American Association of Advertising Agencies, notes that the “generation z” population plays games daily. Moreover, rising disposable income is resulting in a higher consumption rate of video games.

gamer at Brazilian Game Week

Video game market worth more than movie, video streaming, digital music

The worldwide video game market comprises 2.8 billion players and is worth more than the combined value of the movie, video streaming, and digital music industries, while the rapid growth of the sector presents the potential for Brazil’s video game industry to expand even further.

Up to now, gaming has been seen as a relaxing hobby, but also has the potential to contribute towards more serious social issues and support other economic sectors including education, health care, and business development.

Game Week displays the most prominent Brazilian games across consoles, PC, and mobile, and Brazilian games have been praised by critics and players worldwide for their beautiful art direction and engaging gameplay. The value of gaming as an export commodity is also significant, as is the contribution to Brazil’s image in the wider gaming community as a world leader. In addition to showcasing the Brazilian video game industry on a global scale, markets are made available, and potential investments in Brazilian companies identified.

What is the Brazilian Game Week and when is it?

The inaugural event ran from the 20th to the 24th September 2021, with 5 days dedicated to celebrating the Brazilian games Industry.

The days were:

September 20th

The Brazilian Games Industry overview with high-level education and events.

September 21th

Featured Brazilian Games showcased for consoles, mobile and PC.

September 22nd

The impact of esports and it’s professional players from the the country

September 23rd

Focused on games supporting the Education and Health sectors.

September 24th

The latest innovations in Virtual Reality and focus on the award-winning VR games made in Brazil.