Things to Consider When Organising a Spring Clean

As the evenings become a little bit lighter by the day, and with the first glimpses of Spring shining through, we are well on our way to putting these chillier winter months behind us.

While the prospect of March being upon us again is a bit daunting to some people out there, you certainly are not alone. We are still processing last March ourselves. We feel you!

Despite it being alarming to some the way that the last year absolutely flew by, there are things that you could do as we make our way into a new season that eases the feelings you are currently experiencing. One such method is that of the long-standing tradition of organising a Spring clean in your home!

It can seem a bit cliché, but it is an effective way of sorting through your belongings and getting rid of some old stuff in preparation for the new. Following what has been a challenging year for many of us, what better time to close that chapter and look forward to the coming months!

If you are in search of things to consider when organising a Spring clean or are simply someone who enjoys cleaning and wants to read what we have to say about it, then you are in the right place!

We are confident that there will be something below for everyone, which can inspire you when tackling this somewhat monumental task that is in front of you. Get those dusters and rubber gloves ready and read on for more!

Put Away Winter Items

It is a bit of a given, really, but as we head towards the warmer and sunnier months, we will be relying on our trusty winter jumpers less and less. It’s time to turn to the Spring fashion items.

Putting away any winter items that you might own is an excellent first step in organising your Spring clean and enables you to make some room for pulling out the things that are more suitable for the sunnier weather.

This could include sorting out your clothes and putting winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe or in the attic while getting the garden furniture out of storage to be used once more.

There are numerous aspects of your home that require a bit of a rotation when we head to these transition months, from one season to another. By planning what needs sorting as early as possible, you can go into your Spring clean without stressing about remembering every little detail.

That being said, for those fashion fanatics out there, sorting through their clothing could be a slightly more time-consuming task than for others, but is one that should be addressed. On average, we only wear around 20% of the clothing that we own. If that does not hint that you need a clear out, we don’t know what will! However, this leads us on to our next point.

Things to Consider When Organising a Spring Clean

Switching Out Your Wardrobe

One of the main components of a Spring clean, and which many of our minds automatically think of when planning and organising a deep clean. It can seem somewhat straightforward for some people, but for those who need some guidance, we have just the tips that you need!

Organising the existing clothing that you have into separate piles is a great way to begin switching out your wardrobe; you will have a better idea of the types of things you would like to hang onto and the clothing items that you are happy to donate elsewhere.
Not to mention, sorting and organising your clothes into manageable piles allows you to see what clothes need to go back in the wardrobe until next winter and which needs to make a grand entrance to the front of the closet, ready for sunnier days ahead.

Furthermore, we are confident there are some reading this who are sitting on a hefty pile of designer clothing, particularly if you consider yourself a bit of a trendsetter! While owning designer clothing is lovely, and the quality you pay for is worth it in the long-term, it can be daunting when you want to get rid of the designer clothing.

It can be challenging to know where to send your best luxury brands when you no longer want them, especially when wanting to ensure that they are not just put to the bottom of a pile in a thrift shop. You want the luxury clothing to continue receiving love, which is where companies like Consigned Sealed Delivered comes in.

Providing a luxury consignment service to fashionistas like yourselves who are looking to downsize their luxury brand hoard, CSD give you the opportunity to get paid for selling pre-loved designers. What more could you want?

Changing Fabrics

This can be incorporated into your organisation planning, particularly when going through and switching out your wardrobe. When we experience colder weather, there is no surprise that we opt for heavier fabrics, ones that will trap in as much heat as possible for when we venture into the great outdoors.

The same can be said when we are faced with warmer weather. If you are anything like us, you will be hoping for sunnier weather during the summer, much like we experienced last year. If that is the case, you will want to opt for lighter fabrics, which do not contain heat or stick to your skin.

Swap out the heavier woollen clothing for those made of lighter, more cotton fabrics. Not only will you have more room in your wardrobe for more items, but you won’t be overheating when the warmer weather graces us once more!

Don’t Forget the Furniture

While it is undoubtedly important to remember the internal aspects of wardrobes, closets, and chest of drawers, it is also crucial that you do not overlook the item of furniture itself. Let’s be honest; when was the last time that you gave those items of furniture a dust?! If you are anything like us, it has undoubtedly been quite a while since this was on our minds.

By giving the furniture in your home a deep clean, you can rest assured that any top luxury brands that you might own are not subject to any moths or damage from dust.

What’s more, giving your home a deep Spring clean and throwing out items that you have not touched for the last six to twelve months will provide you with a bit more storage room and contribute towards a healthy and clean environment for you to live in.

Cleaning your furniture’s external aspects is essential, but you must give the inside a little wipe down. Whether you set aside a specific day to do your deep clean or even an entire weekend, the choice is entirely yours!

One More Thing…

It is natural to find yourself distracted when coming across belongings that you might have forgotten about. You should not beat yourself up for finding yourself side-tracked and looking through the photo album from the family holiday you took when you were a child.

That being said, going through the room you intend to clear beforehand, clearing out any potentially distracting belongings and putting them aside is an effective way of minimising how much you get distracted.

Setting them aside in a safe place and going through them following your Spring clean is also another option available to you and will undoubtedly make you feel nostalgic while at it!