How to choose jewellery online

There’s something special and magical about buying jewellery for you or your loved ones. Elegant pieces can be combined with any outfit and they can help you make a great first impression. If you’re looking to lift your spirits then purchasing new jewellery is one way to do it. It’s hard to imagine a life without necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and other accessories.

However, it can be hard to visit a jewellery store and find the piece of jewellery that you’re looking for. It can take multiple days or maybe even weeks to purchase something you like. If you need to buy a gift for any occasion, there are a lot of options online for those who don’t like to waste time. Online stores like FJewellery offer a wide assortment of new and pre-owned jewellery where you can:

  • Compare the models you like and choose the best option for yourself;
  • Look closely at every detail, thanks to multiple high-quality photos;
  • Ask for help online for experts to assist you by picking the right items for you according to your preferences.

Their large catalogue has many filters that are located on the right-hand side of the website. By selecting the options you’re looking for, you can narrow your search to specific items, which will save you a lot of time.

vintage jewellery

Vintage Jewellery

The word vintage is often used with jewellery that is between 50 and 100 years old. Certain eras might be considered vintage even if the jewellery from that time isn’t yet fifty years old, like 1980s era pieces which are sought after due to their recent style renaissance and have been accepted as being vintage. When you’re looking to buy vintage pieces, you’ll be able to find unique items and you’ll get more for your money. They are also a sustainable option if you’re looking out for the environment.

Buying vintage jewellery has its advantages:

  • More quality products – Don’t limit your search to new collections. Here you can find an original brooch, a beautiful ring, an exquisite pendant, etc. They all have an original style and design that you won’t find anywhere else. You may find that the piece has a beautiful story behind it.
  • It’s romantic and unique – It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find an identical piece of jewellery to your vintage purchase. Older pieces are often more design and craftsmanship oriented, whereas many modern pieces focus on the size of stones used.
  • Sustainable option – Do you know that mining (including precious metals and gems) consumes a lot of resources and pollutes the environment? Also, in some countries where they are mined, slave labour is still used. By choosing such pieces, you can find something unique and contribute to protecting the environment.
  • Attractive price – Vintage jewellery is VAT-exempt and so this makes these pieces 20% cheaper than comparable brand new jewellery on the market.

What determines the price of jewellery?

You’ll need to understand what determines the price of the jewellery. Here are the basic parameters:

  • Materials – The price of jewellery is mostly determined by the amount and cost of materials used to make it. The more expensive the material, like diamonds and precious metals, the higher the price for that item. You can find the most common rare metals in gold, silver, and platinum. These rare metals are very important to industries as well which increases the demand for them.
  • Weight – Weighing your jewellery is a great way to know its worth. This applies to long, heavy gold and platinum pieces which are worth the most money. For example, if you have a thick gold chain that feels kind of light, the chain may be either fake or hollow. But if your gold or silver jewellery is heavier than brass and pewter items of lower value, then in all likelihood those pieces are real.
  • The Gemstones – The type of metal and gemstones used will affect its value to a large degree. Jewellery that is created with precious metals and genuine gemstones is even more costly than pieces without them. It has a higher resale value if you sell it in the future.
  • The Craftsmanship – All parts of well-designed jewellery should fit together smoothly and the mechanical parts, such as the hooks, links and clasps, should function efficiently. A good artisan ensures that the surface is polished and smoothly textured. Details should be defined precisely, and the finishing must be perfect. Brilliant craftsmanship will increase the value of the jewellery.
  • The Design Complexity – The quality and value of a piece of jewellery is determined by its beauty and design. Your personal choice is another factor that would affect the estimation, as some people might prefer antique pieces while others like modern designs. Regardless, there are many beautiful styles to choose from with different textures.

In stores, the prices will be higher but in online shops, you can find a variety of accessories in different price ranges. What you like doesn’t have to be expensive so choose with your heart! FJewellery is the choice for those who want the best value for their items.