7 Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

For many of us, we dream about having the perfect smile with straight teeth. While some of us are blessed with perfect alignment, others may need braces to straighten them. If you have crooked teeth, are conscious of your smile, but unsure whether to go ahead and straighten your teeth, you will be surprised at how many health benefits you can gain from undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Having straighter teeth can improve your confidence and aid in better digestion, among other things. Read on as we discuss the benefits further, and hopefully help you make up your mind and alleviate any fear that dentistry equipment may invoke.

Improved Confidence with straight teeth

If you believe you have imperfect teeth, you’re not likely to smile as much. Whether you’re going for a job interview, first date, or performing daily errands, your confidence can be affected as a result. Meanwhile, those who have naturally straight teeth are more likely to smile for the camera and feel happier in themselves.

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Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

For those who have teeth that are either too widely spaced out or crowded together, this can cause inflammation and sore gums. If your gums become red and swollen, this is a warning sign of gum disease. Straight teeth make it much easier to clean your teeth and gums and keep them maintained, whereas crooked teeth make it harder to floss in between each tooth and properly brush, which causes plaque to build up in the crevices.

Improved Speech

Even if you aren’t aware of it, your teeth play a vital role in your speech. For individuals who have gaps in their teeth or crowded teeth, this can negatively impact your speech pattern. If you have noticed a difference in your speech or a family member or friend has raised concerns, you may want to consider orthodontic treatment. As your treatment progresses, you should notice a huge improvement in your speech.

straight teeth

Lower Head and Neck Pain

If you have straight teeth, this means that there isn’t excessive stress put on your jaw bone, joints, or gums. However, for those with crooked teeth, this can result in jaw misalignment that can not only be painful for your head and neck, but hinder your quality of life. Chronic pain and headaches can bring your mood down and make it hard to perform the simplest of tasks. Therefore, straightening your teeth will align your jaw to ensure your bite works correctly. Over time, any chronic pain and headaches will begin to decrease.

Less Wear and Tear

Every day, our teeth and gums go through a lot. No matter what kinds of foods you like, it will involve lots of chewing and biting, which can cause tons of pressure on your mouth. If you have straight teeth, there will be a considerable decrease in how much wear and tear is placed on your gums, jaw, and teeth. If you have aligned teeth, you are able to bite and chew without any issues. However, for those with a bite problem, there will be a ton of stress put on your teeth. Over time, this can cause notching at the gum line and ruptures. To avoid paying a fortune in dental work later down the line, getting your teeth straightened can save you money.

Reduced Risk of Tooth Injury

Teeth that are protruding or crooked are at a heightened risk of breaking or cracking should you fall or be involved in an accident. If you have crooked teeth, it’s much harder to achieve good dental hygiene. This can weaken your teeth and increase your risk of them breaking or cracking. If your teeth aren’t properly aligned, you will be at a higher risk of biting your tongue and cheeks which can lead to painful sores. Straighter teeth will provide your teeth with extra protection against cracks and chips.

Improved Overall Health

Poor oral hygiene has been linked to all kinds of serious health conditions, including heart disease, kidney disease, and having a stroke. So, it’s easy to see that bad oral bacteria can be highly damaging if left untreated. When you straighten your teeth, you will notice a major improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.

In addition to straightening your teeth, make sure that you regularly brush, floss, and see your dentist who will advise you further on what techniques to use to keep your teeth straight, healthy, and clean. If you have a phobia of the dentist, there are lots of tips online that can put your mind at ease and ensure your oral hygiene isn’t neglected.

Straighter teeth can improve your body, mind, and general wellbeing. The benefits of having straight teeth go far deeper than just loving your smile. If you are considering them, you might want to read our guide on 7 things to know before getting invisible braces.